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Resolved! Try to replace Nokia g-010s-a

Hi Community,I tried to replace the Nokia G-010s-a with a 10G support SFP+ module. I found most 10G SFP+ modules come with 2 ports and only some SFP+ modules have 1 port. So I try some of them. The port size does not match. Is there a difference betw...

Ming by Organizer
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How to unmount the network hub from the wall

hi, I am trying to move the network hub and can't figure out how to remove the cover in order to get access to the screws that keeps it mounted. Is there an easy way to do it without accidentally break it? thanks!

visitor1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! MagicJack Error 3002 After Migration to Fiber Optic

My magicJack phone worked perfectly until I migrated from copper to fiber optic using the new TELUS Network Access Hub Wall Plate Modem. Googled solution to the error 3002, and I have restarted my newly installed modem several times and the error cod...

OluLifted by Just Moved In
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Slow download speed.

Hello, I am on a Telus legacy "Internet 6" plan (DSL via my old & slow land line) and have experienced a decrease in download speed for the past year or so. I used to get around 5 mbps but now consistently get only around 4. It was slow enough as it ...

NoSmoke by Friendly Neighbour
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Stay logged in?

Hello all, I have just activated Call Control and find it to be very useful. I especially like the call log it keeps and would like to access it daily. Once logged in however, is there any way to stay logged in, or stay logged in longer, to avoid hav...

NoSmoke by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Modem Connected over MoCA Bridge to Personal Router

Hello, I would like to bridge our homes T3200M Modem to a personal gaming router. However I have some confusion with how my roommates Telus Fibre Internet home setup affects this. Here's the internet wiring situation: ONT box in basement sends copper...

hughboi by Neighbour
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Support Telus

on Tuesday I was scheduled to connect to the Internet on Friday at 1:00 p.m. Friday came, the master is not there, no one calls, it is impossible to reach the support service. I just arrived and am shocked at such poor service and such high prices. A...

Ihor by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Need 2nd Telus wifi booster

HiI need 2nd Telus wifi booster, where can I get one?I got 1st one at no charge when technician came to install my internet. I've look though Telus website but couldn't find where I can order one, or is it free if I just call and ask for it?

kkim604 by Friendly Neighbour
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Lan/ethernet won't go over 90mbps

I have fibre optic (gigabit plan), Ive tested multiple laptops and my desktop connected by a verified cat6 cable to the T3200m.Lan ports won't go over 90 +/- mpbs, but the coax to ethernet adapter at the other end of the house (connected to the T3200...

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