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Resolved! Dimensions of Telus Wifi Hub (Arcadyan)

Hello everyone. Please excuse me and accept my apologies if this question has previously been asked. Does someone have one of the new Telus Wifi Hubs, in which they could measure the diameter at the largest point. It appears the largest diameter is a...

telus wifi hub.JPG
Begis by Just Moved In
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IFC Films Unlimited

I have been watching the free preview of IFC Films Unlimited which is now ended but for the life of me I cannot locate a price or if this channel is included in a package. I'm not sure who designed the website but it's horrible for finding channels a...

Recent Renewal Rates

Despite TELUS saying that nothing would change (i.e. service and rates) after the installation of PureFibre, they neglected to state that the actual billing would change. It took a while to sort out this but basically rates shot up, under the new bil...

Missing Episodes

Hello, The most recent episodes of Naked and Afraid XL seem to be missing for viewing On Demand. Thank you

Geli18 by Just Moved In
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No cell service

We were at Wilderness Village Campground west of Rocky Mountain House over the May long weekend. The cell service was non existent. The campground was busy but not crowded like it xan be during July and August. This is a huge safety concern as 911 is...

Pik update

I came here to look for suggestions on how to sort out my pik issues. I see that I am not alone with the many challenges this recent update has brought. I no longer have access to my crave app among other things. Fair to say the update was less than ...

TLM65 by Just Moved In
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Does Telus support eSim for Samsung galaxy s22

I would like to know whether I can buy eSim for Samsung galaxy s22 phone . Telus website confirm that S series released in 2021 and newer release support. However nearest store confirm that eSim is not working for any Samsung s series.Thankyou

Upender by Just Moved In
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