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Wireless Doorbell Camera?

Is the doorbell camera wireless? Specifically, does it run on a battery or must it be hardwired to the house. My house currently does not have a doorbell, so if it must be hardwired, does Telus do the install or do I have to hire an electrician?

1TSC by Neighbour
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Perk benefits

Hi everyone.i would like to know if someone had use the perk benefits from telus that your company provide for each of their employees. I am curious to know if it is worthy.

Graffiti on Telus box by our hedge.

Hi. There is a Telus utility box on our boulevard that is constantly been getting more graffiti added to it. It is starting to look quite ugly. What is the process for getting Telus to repaint the box?

Duffer by Neighbour
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How to elevate a complaint and then cease contract

Hi, This is our second go around with Telus and it is as bad as the first. I have had issues since before Christmas and have spoken to agents over and over just to tell the same story at least 15 times. I switched my family from Koodo to a small busi...

IP range blacklisted

I host an email server and I'm having deliverability issues. After checking on mxtoolbox I have found that my IP address is included in a range that has been blacklisted by UCEPROTECTL3. After further investigation it states that it is not my IP addr...

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