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Community Manager
Community Manager
What is the Neighbourhood?

We created this community as a way for you to share your feedback, ask for help and help others. Sometimes, we’ll make announcements through our blogs section or publish how-to articles to help you navigate challenges with TELUS and/or industry products and/or services.



This is where the bulk of the conversations take place. If you have a question about any one of our products or services, we have an appropriate board where you can ask for help or feedback. If you’re more about helping others out, we’d love to hear from you.


Please note: posts older than 60 days with no recent activity will be locked to encourage a vibrant and engaging forum. Consider using our search bar to search for old posts that might answer your question. If you can't find an answer, try starting a new post to engage our members.



We share information centered on TELUS news and lifestyle content but we’re down to talk about anything that is of interest to you. Feel free to ask us questions or leave a comment below any one of our blogs.


How-to Articles

Inspired by you, Articles are easy-to-understand help content meant to share knowledge about products and/or services. 


How Can You Participate?


  • Post a new question or discussion to get answers or community opinions.
  • Reply to an existing discussion to share your insights.
  • Give Kudos to posts that you find informative, helpful, or with which you agree.
  • Mark replies to your questions as "Most Helpful" to recognize the best answers from others and to help future visitors know what information worked best for you.
  • "@mention" other users by typing their usernames right after an "@" sign - this helps show who you're talking to and notifies them of the mention/conversation.


And as always, be familiar with our Block Rules to keep the Neighbourhood clean and friendly for everyone.


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