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Trusted answers and information and Home Services devices and solutions from Neighbourhood contribut...

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Trusted answers and information about Home Services devices and solutions from Neighbourhood contrib...

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Articles from the TELUS team about the Neighbourhood and how to make the most of it.

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Accidental Roaming

Whether you're travelling or at home, your mobile device automatically scans for and selects the networks closest to it. Usually, this is a good thing, but in some instances, it may lead to accidentally or unintentionally roaming when it wasn't your ...

Banner-Accidental-Roaming.png Tablet-purple@480.png ios-network-selection.png four-panels-AOS-NetworkSelection.png
Dimo-X by Moderator
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Managing Third-Party Application Purchases

Third-party vendors provide customers with a method to download pay-per-use applications and Web-based services (i.e. Mobile Dating and Social Networking sites) and pay for the chargeable content by applying it to their TELUS invoice. How it works Or...

C_Fun by Community Manager
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2022 Optik TV Free Content

Need something new to watch? Want to watch for free before adding to your Optik TV lineup? Check back to this article regularly for the latest channel and content additions. Channel Name Channel Number Date Range Adult Swim Channel 449 HDChannel 9449...

Free preview article.PNG
Amyj by Community Manager
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Get to know the My TELUS app

Did you know we have a highly rated app that allows you to check your bills, usage and much more at the tip of your fingers? We know that your time matters and My TELUS has got you covered! This will be the first in a series of articles that will cov...

Banner-TELUS-app.jpg MelH_1-1662650072428.jpeg
MelH by Community Manager
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How to track the status of a device return

Did you get a phone through the Bring-It-Back program and returned the device to us? Learn how to track the status of a device return by following the easy step-by-step guide below. Step My TELUS app My TELUS web version 1 Log into the MyTELUS App Lo...

C_Fun_4-1662569284396.png C_Fun_5-1662569284408.png C_Fun_7-1662569284412.png
C_Fun by Community Manager
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Everything You Need to Know About Direct Sales Representatives

Why does TELUS perform direct sales (door to door) visits? Our experience is that some residents prefer in-person conversations and feel more comfortable asking questions when in person versus over the phone or online. Thus we cater to all types of i...

MelH by Community Manager
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Stream+ FAQ

Learn about Stream+ Question Answer What is Stream+? Stream+ is a bundle of video streaming services that includes Netflix Premium, Apple TV+ and discovery+. This bundle is exclusive to TELUS Mobility customers and can be added to any Mobility plan f...

C_Fun by Community Manager
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Software Update Schedule

All dates are approximate and subject to change. Please note posted dates reflect when the update is targetted for released but can take a few weeks to roll out to all devices. DEVICE Target DETAILS Samsung GS6 Aug 20 Bug fixes Samsung GS6 Edge Aug 2...

dru by Community Manager
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Installing PureFibre To Your Home - FAQ's

Q: How does the work you are doing to install TELUS fibre affect my property.? A: The work will not have a diverse effect on your property. It is our goal to restore all property to the same condition prior to construction. We conduct our work within...

Amyj_0-1632943005883.png Amyj_1-1632943115371.png Amyj_2-1632943208353.png Amyj_3-1632943586404.png
Amyj by Community Manager
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Data Optimization Tips for Android Devices

Where to Start! Whether you're on an unlimited data plan and just burnt through all your high-speed data, or have a limited bucket of data and need to micro-manage your usage, these tips will help you get started and stay on top of your usage. What...

daniel-romero-aiUAxBNe3Xk-unsplash.jpg Android-OM-Settings-4Panels-wbg.png data-saver-mode-panels.png Play-purple@480.png
Dimo-X by Moderator
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