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Three Powerful Words That Show You Care

I hear you. As humans, we share an ability to understand what life is like for other people. By listening with empathy, we signal that we understand where they’re coming from and that we care. It’s Ca...


Crave on TELUS - May 2022

Crave on TELUS - May 2022 Hope everyone's doing well and having a great spring! If you're not aware, the Crave + Movies + HBO package on Optik TV is amazing, and it's the easiest way to check out all ...


Save Time And Money With These Meal Tips

Consumers across the country are facing rising food prices. When it comes to grocery shopping, we want to get the most bang for our buck. Spending habits are important, but so is mindful nutrition. To...


Prime Video on TELUS - May 2022

Prime Video on TELUS - May 2022 May is here, folks! There's nothing better after a long day than kicking back and checking out that new thriller movie, or catching up on that show everyone at work won...


Netflix on TELUS - May 2022

NETFLIX on TELUS - May 2022 Hello friends! Hope everyone's doing well and enjoying the warmer weather. It's almost May (already!) and NETFLIX is pulling no punches next month, delivering some of the b...


How To Optimize Your Gaming Experience

How To Optimize Your Gaming Experience   Many gamers know that fast download and upload speeds are the most important factors for smooth, lag-free gaming online. While speed is definitely a factor, an...



Introducing Stream+   We're beyond excited to announce Canada's first and only premium streaming bundle! Stream+ combines Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, and discovery+ on one single bill for only $25 per...


The Batman on Crave Canada

The Batman on Crave Canada   It's finally here! Crave on Optik TV is the place to find all the must-see HBO and Showtime series as well as the biggest blockbuster movies, and there's no better way to ...


Here’s How To Eat For Brain Health

There are tested and verified ways of eating that not only help you maintain a healthy weight, but also increase your longevity, prevent diseases, and can boost your brain health. Did you know that pe...