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Wildfires: How to Help

It breaks our hearts to hear about the wildfires affecting so many people, and as animal lovers, we can’t imagine how tough it might be to find help with your pets and farm animals. We`ve compiled a l...


Are You Game?

What if life were like a video game? We might look at our lives through a fundamentally different lens if we were all awarded points or recognized for just being us. “You chose whole wheat toast for b...


Kid in a Candy Store: My Trip to Google I/O 2017 - Day 2

Some people think day 1 of the keynote is the meat of the conference. For me, day two brought to the forefront some of the more fascinating projects that Google is working on. Today’s theme centered o...


Travel Tips from TELUS

I like travelling. Am I good at it? That’s debatable. I get lost easily, buy souvenirs that I can’t fit in my bag, lose my camera and embarrass myself attempting to pronounce words like the locals do....


How to Save Your Mobile Data

There are good surprises, then there are the ones that manifest itself as an unwelcome data charge on your monthly bill. Streaming media and sharing files all contribute to our ever-increasing consump...


Let Us Introduce Our Community Power Users

By now you may have watched about 7 minutes of video introducing the moderators of the TELUS Neighbourhood. While we’re largely responsible for creating blog posts and articles, we’re also working beh...


US Easy Roam - A Reality Thanks to Neighbourhood

We’re always listening to our customers and the great ideas they bring to us here in the Neighbourhood. It’s truly inspiring to see your feedback because your suggestions help us improve our products ...


Software Update Life-Cycle

We see a lot of questions on the Neighbourhood about software updates, so I wanted to spend some time explaining how the whole process works. The truth is that TELUS does not have a lot of input into ...


10 reasons why SMBs will love Windows 10

By now you’ve no doubt heard the news: Windows 10 is coming later this year. “Wait a sec,” you’re thinking. “Did I miss Windows 9?” Nope. Perhaps because this ambitious new operating system is so far ...


Startup Advice: How to pitch your startup to investors

The phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ isn’t just about slinging kettle bells followed by a 20K run; it can apply to startups. For instance, if you’re not thinking about how your product solves a customer’s pa...