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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Staying home for an extended period of time can be hard. We’d like to help make things a little easier - we’ve put together a list of home activities that we really enjoy. 




A bit of a shameless plug for this one. At TELUS we’ve been working with providers to enable free previews to bring you more content - a great chance to explore channels you normally don't subscribe to. You will find an updating list below for Optik TV and Pik TV free preview selections.


For film buffs, Optik On Demand is available 24/7. But did you know we also offer specials on VOD every Tuesday? We keep it a secret and only reveal the on sale movies on Tuesday morning, so please stay tuned to Optik On Demand!

psl_1-1589498269015.jpeg consolidates a list of live-streams and concerts for everyone to enjoy at home. It is a live list, so check back often and look for your favourite artists!



Stay cultured while you are staying home! Many museums and landmarks across the globe are making virtual tours and online exhibitions available. Here are some of our favourites:


British Museum (UK)


Louvre (France)


Versailles (France)


Sagradafamilia (Spain)


Protip: Already have a museum or landmark in mind? Google search them by name for their official websites, if virtual tours are available, it should be loud and proud on their front page. 




There are no shortages of online fitness apps, but if you don't already have a favourite, and are looking for a free solution before your gym reopens, we suggest Orange theory. They normally run in-person group classes, focusing on high intensity interval training - a mix of cardio & strength training within one workout. While their gyms are closed, they are offering free daily workouts, and we found the videos to be high quality, well organized, and required minimal equipment. Looking for a sweat? Give their workouts a shot!


Protip: Free weights are short in supply at most retailers, so don't be afraid to get creative and use what you have at home - books, water bottles, etc. Click here for additional ideas. 




Play games, and connect with friends at the same time? It's really two birds with one stone. Most of your favourite board games should be available online. Tabletopia offers a good number of selections all in one place. If you are not sure where to start, here are some of our favourites that are fun for both beginners and board game veterans: 

Protip: Most of the above are pay to play. As a free alternative, our very own @Dimo-X found - a free alternative to Catan, to enjoy with his friends.


We know it's a short list, but hope it's a start. You can bookmark our page over at for more awesome tips on how to stay connected with your loved ones as well!


If you have any tips, or suggestions to add, please comment below!