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Beyond Frusterated

Long story short, business account, moving into a new office space. Telus records show copper wire internet into new space. The neighbors have confirmed high speed Telus service (in same building, the bay next door). We have photos from inside of our...

Complete Incompetence

Telus just cut off our service because we aren't paying an invoice (for a different account) they aren't sending us.Eight years ago our Strata moved to a different management company. Telus refuses to change the invoices. Every few months we try to g...

Modern by Just Moved In
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when can i get my 3G from Telus

I ordered a bundle from Telus including firber 3G and wifi in order to upgrade my company's internet from 1G to 3G, they just sent a technician to install wifi without upgrade internet, I called and emailed them to ask for help, but no one solve the ...

BUFENG by Just Moved In
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Tower on my property

Telus has put a tower on my parents property and I need a copy of the contract. Who do I contact?

Billing system is broken broken broken

Why is it so hard to pay my bill Telus? My card is expired and I'm trying to make a one-time payment to avoid disconnection. Your online billing server is down. For hours. Won't accept any credit card so it's not an issue on my end. When I call in, y...

Resolved! Graffiti removal - Telus Box

Please arrange for graffiti to be removed from Telus junction box #3031A located on the west side of Maple Street between 13th and 14th Avenue in Vancouver; photo attached. Given the llocation of the tagged box in a residential neighbourhood with man...

Graffiti - Telus box 3031A (Jul 29, 2023).jpg

Graffiti removal on utility box

Please clean/paint or cover with a pretty decal utility box no 2051F on 35 th ave in Vernon BC. It’s offensive and an eyesore and has been for years. Please respond. Thanks. ( July 5, 2023)

What do I do when Hotmail does not receive or send mail?

One can go to Hotmail SMTP settings for help. SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol that moves mail on and across the network. Without SMTP mail can not be sent anywhere. And POP stands for post office protocol that helps in receiving mail. Y...

PureFibre Installation damaged my water sprinkler system

Before the construction begins, I put makers to all my sprinkler heads to let construction workers know I have sprinkler system installed in my lawn but they pulled them out and threw them away. Now, I found my front lawn's sprinkler is not working a...