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Faster upload speed required

Long story short, I run a home business, I used to have business adsl, some agent there switched me to a residential plane without my say so. We've lived with it for a few years. Anyhow, we're on a 15/1 plan, we get an actual 12.88mbps down at best, ...

Recent Voicemail Upgrades

On September 11th my voicemail was upgraded on both my business line and my home line. It took me until Sept 19th to realize that no one was leaving me any voicemail on my home line. After calling I realized that the automated message offered callers...

GymReaper by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Call waiting

Our business has two phone numbers and a two line phone. Since switching to telus with call waiting feature our second line does not automatically receive the next incoming call when we are on line 1. Is this because we have call waiting?

Did anyone preorder an iPhone 6 using a Telus business account?

So I tried my best to pre-order the new iphone 6+ this being the first time i've attempted to do so as a business customer. Not sure if everyone else had the same experience as me but as i watched my co-workers and friends swiftly move through the Te...

Resolved! Business Internet using the HUb

Does anyone use the Telus Business Internet Hub, if so do they do allot of internet browsing and the occasional small downloads, just wondering if the 10gb is enough.

nash211 by Coach
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Poor Internet Speeds

I've been working for my company as it's sole IT admin for a little over 2 years now (Small business). They have been a client of Telus for a very long time. Ever since anyone there can remember they have had insanely poor internet ADSL speeds. A spe...

Shownder by Just Moved In
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Sony Xperia Z1 Repeated Failures

Is anyone else having problems with their Sony Xperia? I ordered mine direct from Telus and paid to upgrade early because I had a Galaxy Nexus that also kept failing. That phone was replaced once under warranty mid contract. Also, the Galaxy Nexus wa...