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Setup Doesn't Work

Just Moved In

Hello; Spent far too long on the phone Today being transferred to the wrong departments and being dropped. So $ Thousands were spent to bring the fiber into the building and it took 8 months for a straight 300m run


We have Aruba 7005 & 620 wireless controllers with 10 AP, lots of PC's, printers, indoor WAP's.


The only devices that seem to work at those with Static IP's.

This is the information we given. Exactly as they typed in the email except for my comments..


Customer Gateway IP

IP subnet for customer (These are not accepted as Subnet mask, only works)

Usable IPs (I am using Static IP's from 208 to 214 with DNS from &


So my questions:

1. Why are the Static IP's given not match the working ones?

2. Coming out of the Telus Demarc, the patch cord goes to DGS-108 switch then to the first Indoor Consumer WAP. from that 108 there are 5 other Patch cords going to another 108 and 4 devices with Static IP's


What issues the IP's? What if there are a bunch of people trying to connect to the first WAP?


Not touching the Aruba Controllers until the Office area is done first.


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

I'm sorry to hear that you've had difficulty in getting the help that you need in regards to the new fibre services. I was able to check with our tech support team and they advised me that you currently have a managed fibre connection which is actually more complex than our standard internet service.


For this type of connection you would need to call our Enhanced/Managed team directly at 1-800-706-1745 for further assistance with this matter.