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Forum discussion about TELUS Mobility products, services, devices, and more.

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Forum discussion about TELUS Home Services devices, equipment, and solutions.

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A gathering place for like-minded people to meet, greet, and discuss.

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Forum discussion about TELUS Mobility & Home Services plans and accounts.

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Latest forum discussions

What is Telus’ email to submit a complaint?

Does anyone know how to email Telus’ customer service directly? I tried calling and they gave me another phone number without any direct answer.We had two young Telus door-to-door marketers visit our house today at 6pm, even though we have a no solic...

Remove an anchor cable of the utility pole

There is an anchor cable of the Telus' utility pole infront of my new coach house. The city ask me to contact Telus to remove it through strenghen the utility pole with a better solution. The Telus local technician says it's not his business. He will...

image_6483441.JPG image_6483441 (1).JPG
renzi829 by Neighbour
  • 10 replies
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Telus Points Question/Problem

Hello, I'm trying to redeem some Telus points for an Amazon Gift Card, but when Telus calls me to provide an authorization number, my phone rings but there's no one there, no recorded message with the authorization number, nothing. Tried several time...

WC1 by Just Moved In
  • 2 replies
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Programming slimline 2 to amazon fire TV

hello everyoneHaving trouble programming the Slimline 2 to the new Amazon Fire TV, no codes found in the manual or in google search. And the search function will find one that can turn the TV off (but not back on) can change input, but no other funct...

ribbertw by Connector
  • 3 replies
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Are you still watching? Pik turns off every 4 hours.

"Are you still watching? Press OK to continue," Every 4 hours, this popup comes up. Is there anyway to disable it? If I don't press OK, the channel stops streaming and PIK goes back to the previous channel selection menu. I want to be able to keep a ...

tonten by Neighbour
  • 2 replies
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