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Discuss and/or ask questions about TELUS Mobility products, services, devices, and more.

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Optik TV & Pik TV

The best way to ask or contribute to questions about TELUS Optik TV and/or Pik TV.

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Discuss or ask questions about TELUS Business solutions, equipment, and devices.

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Discuss or ask questions about TELUS Security devices, equipment, and solutions.

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A gathering place for like-minded people to meet, greet, and discuss.

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Forum discussion about TELUS Mobility & Home Services plans and accounts.

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Ethernet inability to serve remote site

Hi,I'm working remotely and have a T3200M; currently with "75 Internet service" and still am unable to connect to a remote site using SonicWall unless I use my iPhone's personal hotspot. Speed tests have been anywhere from below from 19 to (now) abov...

Mosquito1 by Friendly Neighbour
  • 7 replies
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Free Previews List

Where can we find the list of upcoming free previews on the Telus website ???? Right now when I put " free previews " in the search box it takes me here: https://www.telus.com/en/tv/what-to-watch So is there any place ( besides channel 5 ) that I can...

Transfer ownership of home services to surviving spouse

HelloLooking for advice / assistance on transferring account to a surviving spouseFather passed away and trying to transfer home services over to his wife's name (80 yrs young)she also has her own Telus home phone account Have spent many hours on pho...

RVan by Friendly Neighbour
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TELUS Rewards page not loading

When I try to access the rewards page from a browser this is all I get:URL: https://www.telus.com/my-rewards/dashboard/eban/[*****************]It works when accessing from the My TELUS app and I'm able to select a reward to redeem but then I get this...

xray_0-1705985236843.png Screenshot_20240122-210431_My_TELUS.png
xray by Hero
  • 44 replies
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Complaint to make re Telus services

I hope that this will get read by someone from Telus as I have no way of sending an email to them directly: In mid-October'2023 I came to Telus store to switch my cell phones and landline and internet from Shaw/Rogers to Telus. Everything went well e...

WIW by Just Moved In
  • 2 replies
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From Telus to Koodo

So Koodo asked me tones of times to switch from Telus to Koodo. I told them I cant. Anyhow If I transfer from Telus to Koodo my phone and plan Id be breaking contract. Also Koodo refused to give me discounts for my Disability. Telus already has since...

HOTROD2024 by Friendly Neighbour
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What is "bring it back final payment"? My bill had $390.00 added to it for this payment. Huge unexpected bill!!!

Cory1 by Just Moved In
  • 2 replies
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internet activation charge

New account November 1 2023, Telephone, Internet and Optic TV. We agreed to a 2 year contract and were given all details regarding charges. Nov, Dec and Jan billings were correct. February billing has an internet activation charge of $60. This was ne...

elainea by Just Moved In
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I am still getting calls with blocked numbers going to voice mail I find thisd annoying can telus fix or upo date systerm one a caller blocked from Bell home lines it says caller is not excepting calls from you thanks

HOTROD2024 by Friendly Neighbour
  • 0 replies
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PVR fast forward problem

Lately when I was watching a recorded program and tried to fast forward, at certain point during the fast forward, it just jumped right back to the beginning. Now the recording would not go past that point. I contacted service, all they did was reset...

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