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Resolved! Bad Telus driver

Look at the video of your bad driver!https://youtu.be/Dk5vynMDYCg At the intersection of Cy Becker Blvd NW and 167 Ave NW on May 20, 2022 at 2:29:46 PM. I was travelling Eastbound and was ready to turn left to Southbound. The Telus truck had a stop s...

What was the point of the update?

It certainly didn't add anything to my experience as a user.You took a perfectly adequate app and completely broke it.Pre update things were working fine, not great but it was usable.Now, I have to scroll through unsubscribed channels in the live gui...

Qix by Connector
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Frustrating calls

It goes without saying that calls from unknown numbers and calls when answered reveals no one at the other end are frustrating especially in the middle of the night. We know that these either come from scammers or are numbers that are 'spoofed' . Is ...

Barry79 by Connector
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New Equipment for Optik

The service is seeming a little long in the tooth. Might be time for new equipment options, something that responds a little quicker, especially now that Netflix is being added.

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Game Con Canada Powered by TELUS Presents Child's Play

Game Con Canada Powered by TELUS Presents Child's Play Game Con Canada (GCC) Powered by TELUS is proud to announce its 2023 charity initiative 'Child's Play'. Together we will help outfit child health...


Three Powerful Words That Show You Care

I hear you. As humans, we share an ability to understand what life is like for other people. By listening with empathy, we signal that we understand where they’re coming from and that we care. It’s Ca...


Crave on TELUS - May 2022

Crave on TELUS - May 2022 Hope everyone's doing well and having a great spring! If you're not aware, the Crave + Movies + HBO package on Optik TV is amazing, and it's the easiest way to check out all ...