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Discuss and/or ask questions about TELUS Mobility products, services, devices, and more.

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Optik TV & Pik TV

The best way to ask or contribute to questions about TELUS Optik TV and/or Pik TV.

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Discuss or ask questions about TELUS Business solutions, equipment, and devices.

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Discuss or ask questions about TELUS Security devices, equipment, and solutions.

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A gathering place for like-minded people to meet, greet, and discuss.

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Forum discussion about TELUS Mobility & Home Services plans and accounts.

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Latest forum discussions

Android 4k Optik Picture quality issues

I keep seeing these posts every week on reddit, but they dont seem to post them here. I also have the new Optik android 4k platform and feel the picture quality is not as good. Almost anyone choosing a cable provider will cite picture quality and cha...

Montell by Organizer
  • 7 replies
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PVR not recording series

For months we have series recordings that just stop recording. It could be after 6 episodes or 3. They just stop. I have changed settings to repeats, reset everything and asked Telus Support. Try to restart the series recordings and it errors out. Ab...

Phoar by Friendly Neighbour
  • 7 replies
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Optik Evolution & TelusTV-21T or new AndroidTV boxes

Is the Optik Evolution & TelusTV-21T (as marked on tuner box) the same animal? I think so, just that only heard Evolution on this forum. Can this forum ADD Evoultion as a sub catagory so that users can post questions for there TelusTV in the correct ...

Rocky3 by Advisor
  • 4 replies
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TELUS TV User Experience Research Group

Dearest Neighbours, Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, we’ve been working hard at implementing your valuable feedback! We’ve gotten to know some of you through this forum, especially the regular community con...


The Telus app and website is horrible to deal with. Keeps jumping around and doesn't work. All i want to do is upgrade my theme packages and find out where my 55' TV is. No one seems to be able to help. Have had many issues with Telus lately. So need...

2023 Optik TV Free Content

***IMPORTANT NOTE - As TELUS transitions to the new Optik experience through our TELUS TV+ platform we'll be archiving this article as free previews will no longer be updated. This article will remain up until the afternoon of Friday September 29, 20...

Free preview article.PNG
Amyj by Moderator
  • 67 replies
  • 8 kudos

Live Sports

Why are live sports not really “live” and is a good minute behind ?I just got the new Telus box and I never ran into this problem when I had the older boxes ? Watching the football game and I compared it to my DAZN stream and DAZN was ahead of my “li...

Franklyn by Just Moved In
  • 0 replies
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Prime Video on TELUS - September 2023

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