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Discuss and/or ask questions about TELUS Mobility products, services, devices, and more.

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Optik TV & Pik TV

The best way to ask or contribute to questions about TELUS Optik TV and/or Pik TV.

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Discuss or ask questions about TELUS Business solutions, equipment, and devices.

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Discuss or ask questions about TELUS Security devices, equipment, and solutions.

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A gathering place for like-minded people to meet, greet, and discuss.

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Forum discussion about TELUS Mobility & Home Services plans and accounts.

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Latest forum discussions

Tried of slow data connection

This service is so annoying, I’m ready to go back to Roger’s. I’ve called multiple times about how slow the connection is. Can make calls and send txt no problem. But then Google or Spotify won’t even load. Multiple speed tests 1-5mbps. Unbelievable ...

BigEasy by Just Moved In
  • 3 replies
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Wi-FI 6E

Had Telus install fiber in my apartment today. I was supposed to get wifi 6e but just gave me the boost wifi 6, tech said it wasnt in his work order but i made sure of it when talking to telus and said it comes with the plan I got. What should i do n...

Port forwarding Technicolour NH20T

I've been trying to open a port to run a server from my computer. From what I understand, it's as simple as going into "WAN Services", clicking show advanced, and adding the port. Unfortunately, the server isn't joinable and https://www.yougetsignal....

jbalaski by Just Moved In
  • 17 replies
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account cancelled but keep getting billed

Hi, I cancelled my Telus home services account via phone for March 8th (it showed up as "cancelled" in the online portal)I returned my hardware on February 17th.After March 8th I received another bill for the billing cycle starting March 9th.I called...

Business connect service down

I find it interesting that our business connect phones can not take calls today. We are told to contact customer care. IF you try to call in all you get is a busy line and if you go to chat it says service unavailable and it ends the chat. The update...

Kevin5 by Neighbour
  • 1 replies
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How to cancel Telus home security due to faulty product

How do I get out of a contract with Telus home security? I read there is a fee to cancel but ever since the day we had it installed we’ve had nothing but issues. Even if our wifi reset or any password change occurred we are charged $150 for a tech to...

Anjcp by Just Moved In
  • 1 replies
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Billing errors

Hi there, transferred my account from Rogers to Telus, and the 1st invoice is wrong.I signed up for usa/canada/mexico plan at 50$ per month and iphone pro max for 10$ per month.Telus accounting chanrged me 100$ for setup, and not 70+ taxes for monthl...

Telus box graffiti

Hi there, Can you tell me if you supply the paint to cover boxes? We are at the corner of Southgate St. and Vancouver in Victoria and I am not sure if Telus has repainted as needed or if there is a paint you supply? Thank you. Have included some phot...

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