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Voicemail greeting: poor audio

Hi. The audio quality of my recorded voicemail greeting, when using Telus, is really poor. It’s fine with another network.This isn’t the device (new iPhone) — seems like Telus is compressing the audio file to 1980s telephony standards.Any hope of an ...

Mada by Just Moved In
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Data Download Charge

Massive charge ($465) for data download on my cell while in Victoria. Complained to customer service with no luck.Supposedly downloaded about 13 GB of audio podcasts in just a few minutes. This doubled the amount of data I have used over the three ye...

Almost no signal?? (Brickyard, dt Edmonton)

We are a stone's throw from downtown Edmonton and have almost no signal. One bar most of the time sometimes two. It's gotten significantly worse in the past few years, now if I walk from one room to another my calls will drop. Literally have to stand...

M780YEG by Just Moved In
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Credit Card Processing Fee - Garbage!

Ok Telus, here is how your business was looking end of June 2022: TELUS annual/quarterly net income history and growth rate from 2010 to 2022. Net income can be defined as company's net profit or loss after all revenues, income items, and expenses ha...

defective device

I upgraded my device via the webstore, but received a defective device. The webstore team was going to replace it, but then emailed to tell me to take it to a telus store to repair. Three telus stores tell me they can not help because I purchased fro...

Rvee by Just Moved In
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EPP Accounts

I'm eligible for TELUS EPP through my workplace and am considering porting over from Bell. I was wondering, can I add a second line for a friend to my account or does a second line have to be a family member at the same address?

Rancwr by Neighbour
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I'm gonna want my time back

Shortly: Telus Device contract Oct 11 2020 - Oct 11 2022Telus Device balance Sept 11 2022 - 0.00Telus bill Sept 18 2022 still charging for the fully paid device. Is this extra charge happening because the contract end-date runs beyond the fully paid ...

Lola by Rockstar
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Billing issue

I bought new telus service online and i was charged with the connection fees which i was told will not happen if you buy service online by yourself. Second, I haven’t even started my service and i got another bill with another connection fees and an ...

Nav007 by Just Moved In
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