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Resolved! Transfer eSIM to new device

Hi,I received a new unlocked Pixel 6 Pro today and want to transfer the eSIM of my old Pixel 4 to it. Unfortunately, the battery of my old phone died so I can't use it to call the support. I'm also not able to visit a shop in the next few days. Is th...

bwap by Neighbour
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Making MF279 Wifi Better?

Hi there, We have an MF279 SmartHub. Have only had it a few weeks and are less than thrilled about it, but it was the cheapest option we could find for internet where we live. We have been following all the recommendations to help it get the best rec...

rjschutt by Just Moved In
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Allow cllect calls on mobility

Telus needs to make changes to their mobility rules. I am outside of Canada/USA. I needed to call my credit card company. The back of my card says that if I am outside of Canada/USA I should call collect. Telus does not allow cllect calls to be place...

donnyc by Just Moved In
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Billing issue

Hello,On August 2021, I made a request to shut down temporarly my Telus services for my mobile device. However, I recently received a message that I haven't paid a Telus bill and obviously do not want this to degenerate.Whenever I try to login to the...

Validating identity

Telus wants me to go in and validate my identity before they ship my phone but I only have drivers license, health card and credit card as ID. Will this work?

S10+ December 2021 security update?

Hello,While the world and the US already got the S10+ december 2021 security update, i have see nothing from telus about this security update or the next Android 12 (who cover the S10+) too.The S10+ us not in the list posted by the telus community ma...

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