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Share data from mobility plan

i have a share plan with telus, ( unlimited ) and just added a tablet for the share data , the telus store rep said it will be $15/month for unlimted access to my plan, But every where on telus site / web page says $10/ month.. Just curious who is ri...

Galaxy A53 5G digital wallet

I recently purchased a Galaxy A53 5G form a Telus store. Why would Telus sell a non Canadian phone in its' stores that does not support Galaxy Wallet? Is that not fraud of some kind?

iPhone delivery

good evening, I ordered a phone, it was supposed to be delivered today, but no call, no message, no phone.

Customer service lies

I'm so fed up with customer service.. so I was on the bring back program which ended and I wanted to upgrade my phone.. it was getting near when the extension was up and I phoned telus asking if I could extend it to this date when I would be able to ...

iPhone 12 5G vs LTE Data Timeout

Device: iPhone 12 Pro purchased new through Telus 2 years ago I was wondering if anyone has had this experience. In Edmonton, I use LTE because if I try to use 5G I find that I often get data timeouts and other connectivity issues despite having dece...

Webstore exchanges

I have emailed the Webstore Team to exchange my recent purchase as I do not like this phone. They took over a week and I still don’t have a link to webstore.

MamGreen by Just Moved In
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I had an arrangement with Telus to make a payment for my phone bill, I used the cilk2pay link from a previous bill and so far I haven’t seen that payment reflected in my account. I paid on September 16th. I’m worried because usually when I pay with m...

"Can't send message with Telus error 2" message

Hi,Wondering if others have this problem. I often get this message "Can't send message with Telus, error 2" when trying to send text. It happens with different people I'm trying to text. I have an android. It happens regardless if the receiver has an...

SoD by Neighbour
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Brooklin Tower Removal

Horrible reception since the cellular tower was removed at Carnwith and Baldwin in Brooklin. I have this phone for my wife under a corporate account. She cannot do her work without having reliable service. Multiple dropped calls and horrendous recept...

dbltrbl by Just Moved In
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