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Telus mcconachie

I've called Telus about this problem and they couldn't find any problems with my phone, it's settings or the sim card. They also went on to say the cell tower is 'ok'.This has clearly been a problem for many people especially when global News reporte...


Does any one know if hot spot is free I have data with my phone line but I posted on add asking if any one knew sites or company with out contract for data they said use hot spot . if I use hot spot on my tablet not sure how this works the wifi kind ...

Potential 5G Tower Site - Madawaska Valley, ON

Dear Friends, I travel quite a bit for my work and often through Madawaska Valley area which is notoriusly bad for mobile reception especially south of Pembroke and north of Bancroft. I have complained for several years but nothing has been done. My ...

phone number change

I have called in to change my phone number since I preferred another area code, that asked a payment for that.Is this the process? Do I have to pay for that? what is your experience?

Yisroel by Just Moved In
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My Telus wont load plans or add ons

So I just missed the payment to my plan by a day, which as usual makes the app completely forget what plan I had in the first place (great feature btw), so I go to try and get it back but app absolutely will not load plans. i tried logging out and ba...

rbaker1 by Just Moved In
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Signal Strength

recently moved to a new neighborhood with an extremely weak signal. I have to use my wifi to make calls that don't drop. Is there anything I can buy to improve the cell service I have in and around my home? I am frequently on call at work which is di...