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Terrible Cell Phone Reception - Central Penticton, BC

Hello Telus and other Penticton Residents I moved to Penticton in Dec 2021, since then, I noticed my cell service in most of my home, is well, terrible. I have to go outside of my home or at least to the front living room (nearest the street area). A...

msundin99 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Billing Start Date

Hello, I'm looking to port over to Telus this month or next. I was wondering, does my billing date start on the day I port over? I want my billing cycle to start on the first of the month and thought, if I port on the first, I will get billed on the ...

samsvoc by Organizer
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Telus messed up

Telus corporate store switched me from Business account to Consumer and told me they have added my credit card as pre-authorized payment, but found out there was no credit card added and a payment was missed. Been a customer of Telus for more than 10...

Bipk92 by Just Moved In
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(999)999-9999 Text

I got a text stating I have money to be deposited from that number. When I look at my bank records I don't have any transfers with the amount it says. When I click the link I get a warning that it is a deceptive site and not to enter any info. Is thi...

Adeprim21 by Just Moved In
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How Has This Overage Issue Not Been Addressed?

I've seen this problem now looking into it going back like 6 years, but mine went to another level! $460 pre-auth to credit card in PDA charges while connected to wi-fi and mobile data shut off. Are we saying at this point that PDA charges cannot be ...

pda message.png
KingWCF by Just Moved In
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No service in Spain

I was in Spain for the last 10 days and was unable to get any service in any city on my Iphone SE. I did set up Easy Roam on my plan. I had success connecting to local carriers in USA on my trip so my setup was ok. What could have caused this?

Jean5 by Just Moved In
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Telus lost their way?

I was a telus customer for a while. I changed to freedom 3 years ago because of the priceI came back to telus 3 days ago, losing my grandfathered $25 for 25gb plan. Only to discover that telus internet barely works in airdrie anymore.Apprently there ...

Tuuu by Just Moved In
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