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Resolved! Stream+ not taking over Disney Plus subscription

I just signed up for Stream+ premium and I successfully activated Amazon Prime and Netflix Premium. However, when I activated Disney Plus, the billing method didn't change from Google to Telus. I need help getting Telus billing to take over Google bi...

Resolved! Why did 100 dollars suddenly vanish from my Balance?

Did a routine phone-in check for my (Prepaid) balance. April 27/24."Your balance is... 10 dollars and...and will expire February 24th, 2025"I paid (in person) 100 dollars + tax in January 27, 2024, and have the receipt. So I logged into my account an...

danR2 by Neighbour
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What happened to customer service?

I had to speak with five people today to get an answer about upgrading my phone. The agents I first spoke with did not listen to my issue and did not know how to solve it. One agent completely ignored why I was calling and proceeded to "mansplain" th...

Rubywubee by Just Moved In
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Service Consistency

Is anyone else experiencing issues with SMS, having to retry sending text messages? Or issues getting phone calls? My location is in Eastern Ontario, so curious if there are issues.

Easy roaming extra charges

I was on vacation out of Canada with data turned off for primary TELUS number (I have used other travel sim).However,they charge me for 4 days in roaming even the data was turned off. When I call to complain ,customer support told me that if I don't ...

mileticbg by Just Moved In
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International Wifi Calling

I cannot find out if Telus charges for international wifi calling. Can anyone tell me? My data roaming is off and my wifi calling is on. Thanks

rbend by Just Moved In
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Plan increased without notice

I am a current subscriber with eight lines on my account. My most recent bill had all but one of the plans increased by five dollars per month. There was no advance notice. I have read through my previous bill - all 24 pages of it I cannot find this ...

Lmac1 by Just Moved In
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Asurion

This is a long one so strap in.In August of 2022 I upgraded to the Z Fold 4 and I loved it, however in December of 2023 after a flight home from Halifax I folded open my phone to discover it wasn't laying flat anymore (Which it was laying flat on the...

BrittPap by Just Moved In
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Porting number to Bell

I called bell and got them to send two porting requests to bring my existing Telus number(s) over. I was told to expect texts from Telus to confirm.I never received any texts for either numbers. This is two times I've tried the request and I've seen ...