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First is not equal to current or proper owner

I've brought this issue with pretty much everyone at TELUS Support almost a year ago. I bought a phone on a person to person transaction. I used the device for almost 2 months without a hinge. Then one day out of the blue the phone stopped working. A...

wmendez by Neighbour
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Poor Cell Coverage Reception Fleetwood

This is my first post on here, so if this has already been brought up, I apologize for the repetition of it, but I did not see any post pertaining to this subject. Ever since covid-19 hit, the reception has gone from spotty to down right sub-sub-par....

nsmithe by Just Moved In
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Poor to Non-Existent Reception

We live in a pretty built-up area of Surrey, British Columbia. The reception in our part of Surrey is virtually non-existent. This is the same for other suppliers with the exception of Bell. Over the years Telus suggested putting up a tower in our ar...

Cellular Service very weak

I live at on Bowen Island, British Columbia. In the past year the quality of Telus cellular has deteriorated to a level that I am missing calls and people that I phone often say that they cannot hear me. This is not an equipment problem, other famil...

Adding Family Members to Telus Plan

Hey folks, I have a Telus Mobility plan with a device (and balance & contract). I have an extra phone that I was hoping to give to one of my kids, just in case of emergencies.I asked if there were any "family" plans, or anything like this - and they ...

Axcalibur by Just Moved In
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Can/US plan term duration

I have Can/Us mobility plan. When I tried to change the package to a non CAN/US I get the message that I’ve agreed to stay with Can/US for duration of my term and wo will be charged $100 while I am on BYOD plan since day one. Talked to a call centre ...

Ahsun by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Do the pre-paid plans work at 5G speeds?

Simple question, but the chatbot unfortunately couldn't answer it, so I'll have to ask here. I'm getting a new phone that can connect to 5G, but my old carrier doesn't support 5G. It looks like Telus has a 5G network, and their regular monthly plans ...

sim activation via email verification

Hey Everyone,A few days ago I signed up for Telus and my account is active, however the sim card is still on it's way apparently.Because of this, I'm essentially paying for 2 services (with the Telus one I can't even use yet) So I have purchased a Te...

amp3d by Just Moved In
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