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declining mobile cellular strength

I rarely complain on-line, but, the cellular strength is much worse than it ever has been on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Ucluelet area. Has there been changes to the bandwidth? It is even poor at non-high traffic times of the day.

Why is this company such a joke?

I've never complained on a forum in my life, bit I have absolutely had it with this garbage company. I try to upgrade my prepaid plan, they make me top up my account instead of using my credit card. Of course there are arbitrary amounts to choose fro...

Jm2 by Just Moved In
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Intermittent slow speeds in Ontario?

Hi there, I have a family plan (with 4 lines) and a separate corporate line with Telus Mobility, and multiple devices in multiple locations in Ontario have experienced slower than normal speeds (both browsing and tethering) in the last couple of week...

Sitchaba by Just Moved In
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Mobility service not working when it should

Hello,It seems my pay as you go mobility plan renewed two days ago, however, I only got service starting today. So have had no data for a couple days when I should have because it auto renews and charges me for service but doesn't provide it.When I d...

JMBell by Neighbour
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2 Factor Authentication

Are SMS messages that are sent from organizations or companies that have mandatory 2-factor authentication included in the total number of incoming/outgoing text messages on a limited plan such as pay-as-you-go?

Looking to get an EPP plan but want to port number

i was looking to get an EPP plan through Telus. I am already a Telus customer but the EPP plan states it is for new subscribers. Does that mean i cannot qualify for the EPP plan? Also it states I am eligable to port over an existing number. Would it ...

Elevate by Just Moved In
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