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Resolved! APN for MMS only

Is it possible to use an APN that has type: mms. Instead of default,mms. I do not have a data plan and only want to use the MMS messaging that I pay for.

Resolved! Billing explanation - Mobility

Unlimited 60 5G+5G+ Speed (up to 2Gbps)60GB High Speed Data On my March bill I noticed High Speed Data and Data Usage. What does this mean? I have a Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Data Usage - Mobile High Speed $0.00Total used 871.225 (MB)Data Usa...

kiranjoy by Just Moved In
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5 G Ottawa

I have a 5G account in Ottawa that tells me I can get access to speeds of up to (That's the selling point, up to ) bleh bleh bleh.. However my speeds are often closer to late 90s broadband ..20m/sec sometimes less. On a iphone 15 pro max so thats not...

mike76 by Organizer
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Resolved! telus agent fraud

I am writing to file a formal complaint regarding the issues I have encountered with my Telus bill payment and contract agreements. The purpose of this complaint is to bring to your attention the unprofessional conduct and false promises made by Silv...

Gitansh by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Stream+ Activation Question

The subscription section of MyTelus keeps saying to activate the Stream+ Basic, but I have already setup and activated the Netflix, disney plus, and Amazon prime accounts for them. Despite this, MyTelus claims that Netflix has not been activated. Why...

BradG by Just Moved In
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Canada USA Mexico Caribbean plan?

Seriously considering switching as I’ll be taking a few trips in the next few years. Look like Roger’s is offering the Canada-IS-Mexico plan with Caribbean islands.Does telus have this? I’m in a contract but it will be cheaper for me in the long run ...

OD by Organizer
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Google Play Services log-in request

Constant sign-in request for Google Play Services, Drive, Docs and Sheets which are all denied by Telus restrictions in Work Space. I've been in touch with Google Play support and work Space support. The common response is this is an ISP issue. Deep ...

Gramps by Just Moved In
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Dead End

My question is, what is my next option? My cell service is paid up to May 2024. Anytime I attempt to make a call or try to send a text, i get either a text or voice mail from telus saying, I need to top up my account.

yeah by Just Moved In
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Shareable Data within 1 account

hi, I have 3 cell plans/services. 2 of them, the data are shareable, but remaining one line is by itself... Is any way I can "move" or "merge" or "enable" the stand alone line to join the other 2? in the end, I would like to have all 3 cell plan/serv...

cthunterz by Just Moved In
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First Bill scam

I was told $45 per line if I get 3 line on a family planSo i did.My first bill came $352. Telus support couldn’t provide me the sufficient answer and telling me the it will be adjusted during the 24 month period, then said there are partial charge fo...

Rfarooqi by Just Moved In
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