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Stop getting alerts when travelling to other countires

Hi, I travel between Canada and the US every day for work and am constantly getting messages like “welcome back to Canada!” etc. Hoping for a way to turn off text messages from Telus each time I change countries, without just blocking the number (I s...

DylanH by Just Moved In
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Poor Network in my home area

I am with Telus with 2 lines. At my home address, the network connection is Very very very very poor. Even though I have enabled the WIFI calling, the calls gets disconnected or the other person can't hear anything. Even on the driveway out side my h...

Chat Agent - Setting up payment arrangement

Hello Good morning everyone I need some help please or advice. I chatted with a Telus agent yesterday who set up a payment arrangement with me and said I would receive an email confirmation after of the dates and amounts. I did not receive the email,...

ShawnH by Helpful Neighbour
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Why does it cost so much to hold a phone number

When you have had a telus mobile number since 1996, why are you charging me $50 a month to ‘pause the line’ or hold the phone number for me till we get back from a 2 year international trip? Is this Telus way of saying that they no longer want us as ...

GRS by Just Moved In
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upgrading to newer phone.

so i don't understand why when you want to upgrade to a newer phone you have to get a new plan. why do we have to get something don't want and plus don't have the money for. makes no sense because of that don't want to upgrade. Tried to upgrade wifes...

jk61 by Just Moved In
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Mobile prepaid top up

Hi,I have set up my daughters pre paid account for an auto top up through a Credit Card. I was surprised to find that Telus has charged my card 11 times for the minimum top up amount over 2 days. But the balance is $0 and she cannot make any phone ca...

bghosh29 by Just Moved In
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Network connectivity issues

Over the last few weeks my iphone 12pro has been dropping the network, im in downtown vancouver and I am on 3g a lot of the time and cycle my airplane mode multiple times per day. As I have understood it may be an issue related to an iphone update; a...

Voicemail to email

I am traveling outside Canada at the moment. I have added voicemail to text to my account which is working at the moment. I would like to receive voicemails via email as well. On the telus website it says there's an option to receive the voicemail vi...

S23Ultra Telus 5G not working at all...

There you go.. S23 Ultra (not a phone issue) Telus 5G deal (not a network issue)No 5G at all...Only LTE+ or less... I tried everything! Network Reset, switch sim, hard reboot, etc... To no avail....

TomPilon by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Calls to Apple Watch immediately bounce to Voice Mail

So we have two Apple Watch cellular users in our household.. just discovered that when either user is away from their iPhone (or their iPhone is turned off) and is relying on their Apple Watch to receive voice calls, they are out of luck. All calls i...

DeanoYVR by Friendly Neighbour
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