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Every other mobile company has better connection

I tried an Iphone 13, LG velvet, old pixel 2, and Fido/Freedom mobile/ Koodo and they all work. Inside of my first floor rental, my Telus connection gives me no bars and I've completed all the troubleshooting on the side. I had my friends with Telus ...

Telus and AppleCare

I recently purchased a new iPhone and renewed my contract with Telus. Prior to receipt of my new phone, I received an email stating that my existing AppleCare coverage had been cancelled. I still have yet to be given a date that I can expect to recei...

Roaming plans

Currently there are offers for roaming packages from Telus Mobility; however, they are not comparable to the market of roaming plans. With companies like Roam Mobility one can purchase a day plan all the way up to a month with very reasonable rates. ...

skeeter by Friendly Neighbour
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Kid Find?

Telus offered a KidFind service prior to 2009. For $5 a month, the service would show where to find the phone. It also had the simple Migo phone that could dial just a few numbers. The service was discontinued because of poor interest.http://about.te...

xl by CPU Alum
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