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Forum discussion about TELUS Home Services plans and accounts.

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Fraudulent Activity

So a Telus agent had contacted me regarding a offer which I would get unlimited data with an iPhone 15 Pro Max for the two lines I have on my account. A week later the devices arrived and on the same day I received another call from a supposed Telus ...

Boaly100 by Just Moved In
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Account locked

My account is locked and can't reset my password. I'm not receiving any of the reset password or login link emails. I've checked and it's not in my spam mailbox.

link1927 by Just Moved In
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Crow damaging the lines in front of our building?

I asked about this on Reddit and included a picture. According to the electrical enthusiasts over there the thing that's being punished by the crows is a splice cover for non-electrical cables.Anyway this crow is obsessed with it and today I saw it w...

Meeko by Just Moved In
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TELUS Rewards page not loading

When I try to access the rewards page from a browser this is all I get:URL:[*****************]It works when accessing from the My TELUS app and I'm able to select a reward to redeem but then I get this...

xray_0-1705985236843.png Screenshot_20240122-210431_My_TELUS.png
xray by Hero
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Home services cancellation

I cancelled all my home services effective May 9/2024. I gave plenty of notice and was paid in full up to that date (month to month/no contract). On May 10 I got a bill for just Internet (my services included Optik TV & Internet). Called Telus custom...

KH07 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Rewards Points

I have been trying to redeem my Telus Rewards Points for almost 2 weeks now. I get to the very end when I click to confirm redemption and a popup comes up saying that I have recently updated my contact information (which I have not) and to try again ...

JenRich by Friendly Neighbour
  • 12 replies
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Telus Stream+

I received an email about the Stream+ package, which offers Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime for $20. My question is: what happens to my existing Amazon Prime account if I get the Telus Stream+? Will I still have to pay an extra $10 for Amazon Prim...

Maverick1 by Just Moved In
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Escalation team did not contact me

I was in contact with someone on here yesterday morning who told me the escalation team would contact me through email, and no one did. Feels like just another time I’ve had my time wasted and been treated like someone they just want to get rid of.

J-P by Organizer
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