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Forum discussion about TELUS Home Services plans and accounts.

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Help I think I've been Hacked!

So since I've recently moved the information on my Telus apps I noticed began to change. For example, my guest wifi network disappeared one day in my app...I just blamed that on "The Gremlins" lolThen in the same day on both my banking app and Telus ...

BCF by Neighbour
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Account Number

I have a 7 digit account number and online banking won’t accept it as a valid account number. Tech support tells me I’m not allowed to use online banking then. I feel like there’s a solution for this that is pretty simple but no one can direct me.

psheriff by Just Moved In
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Is this a scam offer

Hi! Thanks for choosing Telus,As per our telephonic conversation, we have the best deals for all the latest devices.Your requested deal is as follow:Received a call telling me they had a promo for $45 a month including a new phone and they emailed me...

Telus Credit Card processing fee

I found out about this from If this is the case going forward, can I get back paper billing so that I can make payments through th...

implode by Neighbour
  • 96 replies
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Telus Rewards Points

Used my Telus rewards points to get a dining gift card. Tried to use it at East Side Marios and the card is empty! No cash value - what gives Telus?

Fraudulent Telus sales call by a Telus representative

Well I got scammed from a legitamite Telus sales representative. I did get them to call me back the next day, anyways. What they offered me after repeatedly making sure we were clear ont the terms, and what I got charged and signed up for are NOT the...

Rae-ray by Just Moved In
  • 1 replies
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How to ban Telus Marketing Calls

Everyday I get marketing calls from Telus on either my landline or cell. Ive asked these agents in India many times to take me off their list, but these people are only following a call sheet. They don’t decide who to call nor can they remove a numbe...

Chrisq by Friendly Neighbour
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Satellite Remote control

Remote died but I have 3 total in the house, so I tried to sync a different one to a box and tried following the online instructions but to no avail. Need help

Stray by Just Moved In
  • 1 replies
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