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Forum discussion about TELUS Home Services plans and accounts.

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Law Firm claiming TELUS as a client

I have a supposed law firm calling themselves "Ofili Legal Services" with a head lawyer of one "Sukanta Saha" claiming TELUS is a client of theirs and sending me emails asking for payment on an account. I have no idea who these people are, and when I...

Soll by Just Moved In
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Telus and agenda 2030

When is Telus going to start spending money on infrastructure. For far to any years they have avoided their obligation of upgrading the decades old lines they have to upgrade. Maybe instead of going off on some adventures that they have no business i...

Stang666 by Just Moved In
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Unauthorized account change

On the 28th of December I had my partner call TELUS regarding our Home Services (Internet). We are relocating from our Apartment to our House, lease ending January 1st and our move in date was starting February 1st at the new place. We had signed up ...

Boxing Day promo

Our home agreement for internet and tv expired last June and now we pay $80 plus tax more for the same services without a contract. Boxing day has a sale for a 2 year term at $162 per month plus you get a free gift about $400 value. I pay $218 right ...

klahti by Just Moved In
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email archive folder

Good morning all. Can someone tell me what this new "archive" folder is in my email account? I never need to use it but see if is always full of tons of old emails. Do I have to continually delete all emails in this file to avoid taking up storage?

miche1 by Just Moved In
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Apple Watch data issues

So I’ve had my Apple Watch since June I got it through a deal Telus had on at the time. In the plan there was a 10$ per month charge to use data on my watch. This has never worked, I’ve called in multiple times, went to the telus store were they call...

Alicia2 by Just Moved In
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