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Website Login Issues

Just Moved In

Just wanted to bring this to the attention of Telus. I have been getting this error message for months when trying to login to my account from the website. Other may have had this issue to.


After entering all my information in correctly, the next blank that pops up is blank except for the following error message..


{"type":"PingFedError","status":500,"fields":[],"message":"PingFed: [400] Client id does not match the id of the client to whom the authorization code was issued."

In order to access the website after this I need to close the browser and start again at the Telus website home page then it works.


Just Moved In

I meant to say the next page that pops up is blank with the listed error information. Typos in original statement.


Thanks @jrdberry - does this issue happen on all web browsers, or just one?