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double charged

this is the second billing issue, my god who is incharge of this department, telus hired unqualified people to be handling accounts? we all know telus dont hire anyone local to western countries. i wont be paying the extra charge, ill pay my normal b...

gdot905 by Neighbour
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Low drop line

I have a low drop line from the pole to the house I need repaired. Line is currently weathered to the hydro line to keep it off the ground need to have this repaired

Kris3044 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Work

Hello. I’ve been trying to work for this company for months now and my manger and coworker haven’t been in touch with me. they took my money and haven’t answered me. my manager seen all my messages and also won’t answer the phone. i’ve been told for ...


Hello, I'm 10+ years loyal Telus customer with 4 cell lines.Recently my bill suddenly increased from $60 to $65 (per line) without prior warning. And each line has $15 discount because of multiple lines. So before discount it should be $80.I chatted ...

EugeneSH by Neighbour
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Fraudulent Activity

So a Telus agent had contacted me regarding a offer which I would get unlimited data with an iPhone 15 Pro Max for the two lines I have on my account. A week later the devices arrived and on the same day I received another call from a supposed Telus ...

Boaly100 by Neighbour
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Account locked

My account is locked and can't reset my password. I'm not receiving any of the reset password or login link emails. I've checked and it's not in my spam mailbox.

link1927 by Neighbour
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