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Automatic top-ups on 30-day plans

Super confused here. How can I automatically pay a 17.25$ 30-day plan if I am only given fixed price options (10, 25, 50 and 100$) ?!?10$ won't be enough and other options will be too much, stacking up until credits expire and TELUS keeps my money.On...

jellob9 by Just Moved In
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TV commercial

Where can I find the current TV commercial that uses the song "I only want to be with you"? Is it posted anywhere online?Thank you!

JK7 by Just Moved In
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Transferring a phone number

I just got a new phone. How do I transfer the phone number on my old phone to my new phone? Both devices are Telus and both accounts are Telus.I tries doing it in MyTelus Account, but it kept telling me the number was already in use by another accoun...

RobynWeir by Just Moved In
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Mobile replacement options

My mobile device fell ~16 feet to the ground and isn't working (no surprise!). Is there a reduced cost to purchase a replacement device since I have an ongoing service plan with Telus?

Waterloo by Just Moved In
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High tax amount on first bill

I upgraded my phone and plan and get a first bill.The total was $171 including tax.One time connection fee was $45, I don't know why I need to pay this, I am already Telus customer for few years.Only tax amount was $78. Where is this amount from? Why...

hackcomj by Just Moved In
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fraud department

Hi, I tried to fax the documents to the fraud department at 1-866-956-4844 for these days, but unable to reach/fax almost a week. And contacted CS to re-confirm the fax number, they just asked me to try later.Is there any other way to contact or emai...

SYC by Just Moved In
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