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I am on a two-year contract and receive 10 Gb of shared data a month. I only use a third of it and I am paying $85 a month for the plan do you know if I can downsize and pay less for my plan if I’m on the contract

LeeS by Just Moved In
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Switch from Rogers eSIM to Telus eSIM?

Hello, I received a friends and family discount and am looking at switching two Rogers accounts to Telus. One is on eSIM and the other one on SIM. What is the easiest way to port both accounts to Telus, directly to eSIMs? Thanks, Antoine

antoine by Just Moved In
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Text records

I used to be able to see records of all text messages on my accounts on the my Telus app. Now I just see how many on the days used. No other information is available, this a new thing or a glitch?

RyanVG by Just Moved In
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Epp account frustration!

I have an EPP account. Yesterday I tried to order a certified used phone. I was unable to do this from the MyTelus APP or from the Telus website. I can only access services and products online through my corporate email, which I can only access in my...

JenB1 by Just Moved In
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World 1000 Add on Telus Mobility

HelloI have an add on of world 1000 which is 1000 long distance minutes I was wondering how can I check my remaining minutes and how many of them I have used I can’t seems to find it my account and usage information. Thanks

Ahsun by Just Moved In
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Using Prepaid MC

I think I already know the answer to this unfortunately, but ill ask anyways. Can I use a prepaid MasterCard to make a payment on my mobility bill??