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Add another email to log in

Hello, I recently open account with telus.I was trying to find a solution but was not able to do it.currently I am on EPP plan and when I sign up for it I brought my parents with me ....I have my own email to log in and get info such as how much data...

mong by Neighbour
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Billing information

The paperless billing used to show all the information about calls made and texts made and would show the most recent being items from the current date. Now when I go to text or talk usage on the bill I do not see anything for the text that are being...

Will it cost me to switch providers?

I switched to a different provider on Dec 3 . I had a monthly contract with with Telus (using my own phone) and my billing date ended Dec 23rd. I was told by my new provider that Telus would stop billing me the moment my number was switched. But Telu...

sjam22 by Neighbour
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My Telus: Unable to link an account

I do have a My Telus account for my home internet services. I just subscribed to Mobile services and i try to link my new account into My Telus, and even before i can fill the form with my informations, i have a spinning image loading indefinitely. T...

vince79 by Neighbour
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Chat function not working

Hi there, How come the Telus chat function isn't working? Every time I've tried in the past 2 months it's told me... "Our chat team members are currently unavailable.Would you like to book a callback?"

Is this text message scam?

I've suddenly been getting the following text messages: Telus CommunicationThere's an issue processing your recent payment. To maintain uninterrupted service. Please update here; from the following phone number: 3...

Resolved! Past Billing Invoice

Alright. I have to ask, what monster programmed the online billing site? All I wanted was last month's bill, not this month. The only way I can see to do that, is to download 18(!) previous months of billing, which...- Come in RANDOM order when downl...

mact by Neighbour
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