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I have an account which owes like $4500, and it went to collections. I now have KMB law contacting me threatening to sue me on behalf of Telus if i dont pay it all in the next couple days.

Resolved! Mobility Scam

Just got a call from "Telus" on my daughter's phone offering an iPhone 14 Pro Max and 30 gigs of shareable data for $45 per month. Did not speak very clearly so that was part of the reason we were on the phone so long. Can't imagine a $1,600 phone wi...

Beanwelder by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! My PREPAID Telus phone/sim card deactivated

So I bought a prepaid telus phone a while ago and I havent topped up for a few months.My account was obviously closed as it was over the 90 day period but now I cant seem to figure out how to reactivate my sim card and when I sign into my telus accou...

Unable to use Telus Prepaid visa card.

I received a Telus prepaid visa card for $50 from Telus. It can only be used at participating Telus stores. I tried to call Telus to have it used on my account. Agent couldn't do it. I couldn't do it. Error message received. Agent tried to get suppor...

Duesbute by Friendly Neighbour
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account number

hello! I have a question. I use Telus home internet and today I agreed to a mobile connection from Telus. at the moment I have a sim card from rogers and I will need to change the number. I received an email with instructions on how to do this and it...

arina by Just Moved In
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I want to ask, I made a call to Ukraine without knowing the tariffs, I spoke for 60 minutes and I received a bill for 1157 dollars, is it possible to cancel the payment?

Taras by Just Moved In
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iPhone 15 promax

My bring it back ends Sept 21. The new iPhone will be released right around that time or after it. Is it possible to extend my bring it back until the new iPhone arrives? Can I reserve one early so I can just bring back my current iPhone and start a ...

JMarc by Just Moved In
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Two factor authentication

I recently tried to setup 2-factor authentication on my account. It failed every time simply saying "something went wrong". I contacted support to see if they could resolve this and was told that because my wife and I each have a login to our family ...