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Mobility account

I have been trying to call you guys since September 22 to pause my account after I lost my phone. I found the phone a few days after but need the account paused as I got a second number when it was lost. I have sent emails which bounce back since you...

jambele by Just Moved In
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Telus Assist

Anyone having trouble accessing the (supposedly) 24/7 telus assist chat?? I click the link to open the chat and it does nothing but all of the other help links on that page work just fine (of course ). Google chrome, updated today.

massother by Just Moved In
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Retrieving Receipts for Prepaid Plan

I am looking to retrieve receipts/a bill of sale from current and previous prepaid plans. I require these to submit for reimbursement for work receipts, however I cannot find anywhere online where these receipts would be. There is no billing tab in a...

KennedyR by Just Moved In
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Hi. I urgently need help. I cant complete the registration for my My TELUS account. He writes that "These services are just waiting for the manager's approval - then they will connect", although I have no idea who the manager is, if not me, and I did...

karina by Just Moved In
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Third Party App Charges

I have been seeing a third party in app charge on my one TELUS account for two months now and I cannot figure out what the app is that is causing the charge. I have restricted all the third party permissions that were in my google account and it has ...

Lynn25 by Just Moved In
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canceling port-in

Hi. there. I am not good at English. ^^ Sorry. I joined Telus mobile two weeks ago.(before 'Phone-box') But now I have not used Telus until now. At first, I asked for Telus 'port-in' without asking for 'port-out' from 'Phone-box'. But, it doesn't wor...

bobsik76 by Just Moved In
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Hi there - will Telus consider accepting Bitcoin payments? Thanks.

mtaps by Just Moved In
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Account Number

I have a 7 digit account number and online banking won’t accept it as a valid account number. Tech support tells me I’m not allowed to use online banking then. I feel like there’s a solution for this that is pretty simple but no one can direct me.

psheriff by Just Moved In
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Is this a scam offer

Hi! Thanks for choosing Telus,As per our telephonic conversation, we have the best deals for all the latest devices.Your requested deal is as follow:Received a call telling me they had a promo for $45 a month including a new phone and they emailed me...