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account number

hello! I have a question. I use Telus home internet and today I agreed to a mobile connection from Telus. at the moment I have a sim card from rogers and I will need to change the number. I received an email with instructions on how to do this and it...

arina by Just Moved In
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I want to ask, I made a call to Ukraine without knowing the tariffs, I spoke for 60 minutes and I received a bill for 1157 dollars, is it possible to cancel the payment?

Taras by Just Moved In
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iPhone 15 promax

My bring it back ends Sept 21. The new iPhone will be released right around that time or after it. Is it possible to extend my bring it back until the new iPhone arrives? Can I reserve one early so I can just bring back my current iPhone and start a ...

JMarc by Just Moved In
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Two factor authentication

I recently tried to setup 2-factor authentication on my account. It failed every time simply saying "something went wrong". I contacted support to see if they could resolve this and was told that because my wife and I each have a login to our family ...

Resolved! Billing Hell

How does one go about speaking to anyone at Telus?I have billing errors which I have been seeking to redress since October 2022.The only apparent means of reaching any customer service rep is by phone via the MyTelus app ... but after several attempt...

fortuitous by Friendly Neighbour
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I need to pay my bill while my phone line and text messages doesn't work anymore. I tried to log in on my Telus to do so but I need a security number that I should have received by text message...I don't know how to pay to have my line back rapidely.

Cancel Button

How can one quickly cancel a prepaid account that is no longer needed? Don't want to call hotlines or chat to a silly retainment officers. Would someone please point me to the "cancel button"? This would be well appreciated. Thanks!

Hamburger by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Very confused about my bill, recent transfer to prepaid

Please help me understand the charges as they are unclear and it leaves me confused.On March 27th I paid $56 from my credit card over the phone to Telus when I switched over to prepaid. At the same time that day, my previous Telus account was cancell...

Matt678 by Just Moved In
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Help with reactivation account

I was in jail for 8 months and couldn't pay my mobile monthly payments. Now I'm out, I want to reactivate, but can't seem to log in to do so.

Nrj300000 by Just Moved In
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