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Changing Accounts

Hi!I have a question and I need a helpMe,my dad and my mom we all have one account for all of us and we have the same account number so the bill is for 3 personsBut my wife she has separate account and separate account number with different bill ever...

Archil228 by Just Moved In
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EPP Program

Hello, I wanted to share a frustration I have with your EPP program. My husband and I have been Telus customers for over 20 years. I work for an eligible EPP employer, but my husband does not. In order for him to gain access to the EPP offers, he wou...


Hi, There were missed payments in my account and when I changed the service provider, my amount went to collection agency. I've been calling Telus but no answer. Meanwhile, I'm getting fraud calls posing as a collection agency. I just want to pay my ...

Vihaan02 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Mobility Promotion Scam

Hey everyone, just a general warning today I fell for a scam pretending to be Telus Mobility Promotion. Got a call from +1 (289) 233-9959 then +1 (825) 525-1788 offering a new iPhone 14 max pro + Apple Watch + 50GB for $50/month. I agreed and gave my...

khoumassi by Just Moved In
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New phone (or account) set up prepaid options not recorded?

Last year I bought my son a cell phone. I set up prepaid payments using my credit card. When the billing came out, these payments were not being made and I got hit with late payments and a drop in my credit score. Fast forward to last month - I switc...

luvpei by Just Moved In
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Log in problems

I am having some problems logging into my telus app just says loading with 3 dots and that's it tried resetting password and even uninstalled the app and still does not work I tried calling and even went to the telus store and still no help but I can...

Lindsay2 by Just Moved In
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What are Telus support hours in Pacific Standard Time?

Every time I call into Telus Support it is minimum an hour long wait and I simply do not have that time as I am a busy person. I just need to know the hours and/or best times to call in for Pacific Standard Time so that I am not waiting forever.

email archive folder

Good morning all. Can someone tell me what this new "archive" folder is in my email account? I never need to use it but see if is always full of tons of old emails. Do I have to continually delete all emails in this file to avoid taking up storage?

miche1 by Just Moved In
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