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What to do with an extra ONT?

Our basement used to be rented out and the tenant had Telus Optik service. They have since moved out and we have renovated the basement as we will no longer be renting it out.We have an ONT already for our service so we don’t need a 2nd.What do I do ...

Why wont they acknowledge the notes on my file.

I had my installation in March, two days after installation we determined we didnt want the home security system due to cost. The installer came the next day and uninstalled all the security equipment and took them with him. I have called now 3 times...

Resolved! notice

if Telus can't get it together enough to send me my invoice by email instead of me trying to remember to go on their website and try to remember how to access the account, why can't they at least send an email stating that the invoice is due. Instead...

timko by Just Moved In
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Possible Scam call from 888-811-2323

I read a thread from recently about this very thing, but it has already been locked (??) so now I'm creating a NEW thread about it. Please do not lock threads about ongoing issues unless the have been resolved. The original link is:https://forum.telu...

Billing Issues

Telus took 4 payments of $218.90 from me April 22nd while trying to make 1 payment. I have confirmed with my bank that the merchant (Telus) has the funds.Telus had told me once they received a payment and the next day they told me they never received...

TK96 by Just Moved In
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Cancel my home service

I have called telus multiple times over April 2023, to let them know that I will be moving and need the service cancelled each time assured my service is cancelled I logged into my account today to realize my services are still active. What do I need...

pdhanoya by Just Moved In
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Problems scheduling a move

First time poster but current PureFibre customer in Richmond, BC. Called in back in April to schedule moving my services and add on Optik TV and a home phone. Seemed everything went fine then, got a confirmation as expected, and then... no technician...

theros by Just Moved In
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Broke my Furnace

Telus installed a smart thermostat in my home and shorlty after we started noticing that the Fan keeps running 24/7 even though the fan is set on auto. This resulted in tripled hydro consumption. The service technician arrived and told that the furna...

Jaskiran by Just Moved In
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Home damage claim

I submitted a damage claim over a month ago. No response. I live at *Mod Edit: personal info*. I’m wondering what’s going on? Ty Rees

Ty1961 by Just Moved In
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Paperless Billing Notifications Not Working for Home Security

I am signed up for paperless billing on both mobile and home security. Mobile bill comes via email every month. For some reason my home security bill never arrives. I have double checked the email on file and it is correct. I even tried to add my mob...

79 by Neighbour
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