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Resolved! can't access email

Can't access email this morning. Get message. "the application you are attempting to authenticate is not authorized to use CAS " ???

Account Issues Post Move

My name is Kay. I recently moved to a new location July 26 (When services were added at new address.). It says right under HOME SERVICES, that my account has 4 of them. Problem is it only lists 3, phone, internet, and tv. There is no4th one. When I c...

Telus rewards redemption

I redeemed for a gift card June 30th and never received a code to redeem in my email. Previous redemptions have worked fine. A call to telus resulted in me being first transferred to tech support then security department and it was never resolved. Ha...

kgro by Just Moved In
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Cannot manage channels on Web

For a month or so now, I cannot manage my channels using a Web Browser. I've tried using Chrome, Safari (both on MacOS) and MS Edge (Windows/Parallels on MacOS). All produce the same error - "Something went wrong", no additional information. Any ide...

Fredp by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Support Callback

Any time I use Telus support and request a call back on my cell phone, the support call back never rings on my phone -- I get 3 messages in voicemail and that's it. I have turned off call control -- makes no difference. So I am stuck with chat -- ok ...

bskitmor by Organizer
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tv boxes and billing

Recently we moved to a condo with 4 TVs so I requested to have them all up and running. I now see that at some point my monthly billing will reach upwards of $300 at some point. I'm currently online with Telus to see when the "promotional period" for...

lursie by Just Moved In
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5g Wireless

I am now being charged over 750.00 for the equipment. I was told it was free with a 2 year contract. Any help would be appreciated.

SLC1 by Just Moved In
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Telus salesman tricked me

Today Telus salesman came to our townhouse complex and knocked every door that has telus connection. I was paying 75$/month for 1gb fiber optic internet. My contract ends 3/25. Today they offered me 65$ for optic tv and Internet. I asked if there's n...

joyita07 by Friendly Neighbour
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what happened to the wonderful service of Telus?

I have been a Telus customer for close to 20 years. I spent some considerable time looking at the new rates, and they are disappointing. There is no more loyalty from Telus, rate increases that happened regardless of my signed contract, and the curre...

KenH by Just Moved In
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