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Over charged

I am new to forum.So in February I contacted Loyalty department because I was planning on leaving Telus for Lightspeed internet. Reason I needed to lower my monthly bills and Lightspeed has some better prices then Telus. After seeing if Telus was wil...

AGH by Just Moved In
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Problem with MyTelus app.

I have had this issue going on 2 months now. I can log into the app, but I cannot access the “Optik TV” menu in the app. It says “There seems to be a problem. Please try again”. I have, multiple times.When I first called in, I was told they were upgr...

Zman2k2 by Ambassador
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Resolved! [Megathread] TELUS Rewards

Looking for info about our TELUS Rewards program? You've come to the right thread. You'll find your answers here, but if you don't...feel free to ask your own question for our community to answer! From Amazon and PlayStation gift cards, to brand new ...

A-B by Community Manager
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home service contract renewal

Hello,My 2 year service agreement will be expired next month and I am wondering if I will be automatically switched to the monthly regular service and get another 2 year service agreement with a different price? It seems that I can pick up a bundle p...

KGrace by Just Moved In
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Lawn and Driveway Restoration (Winter Edition)

Hey all, it's that time of year when the ground is frozen which means we need to pause our restoration efforts! This winter, TELUS PureFibre isn’t going anywhere, but we are wrapping up any existing construction to our fibre optic network until the g...

Amyj_0-1642194697206.jpeg Amyj_1-1642194697225.png
Amyj by Community Manager
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Resolved! Two accounts

Is there not a way to have one account that deals with both my cell phone and my home services? I currently have to use a toss away email to have my home services and my cell phone on one email and would like it to be moved to my cell/main email.

ImJuanka by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Scam call?

I just got a phone from someone saying they are from Telus and have a New Years special and can give 30% off my bill. They called from 403-208-5195. I will suspicious because I had a similar call around a Black Friday deal. I asked where the caller w...

Ladybee by Just Moved In
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