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Resolved! Home Account Billing

Currently on a 2 year plan. For the first 12 months I have a new home owners promotion so only pay 35$ a month. After that the remaining 12 months goes up to 220 a month. Am I able to call back when the promotion is done and adjust my plan and maybe ...

Sketchy internet/wi-fi

I pay for high-speed internet but my tenant in the basement (who also shares the house internet) constantly has problems with internet dropping/cutting out

JF5 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Phone scam about new plan

Got a call from a non-native-English-speaking person claiming to be from Telus and offering me a new phone plan that is cheaper than my current land-line plan, similar to the Home Phone Lite plan. He knew some of my personal information so I thought ...

Swany by Neighbour
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T3200 WiFi

Why is it (and how do I fix) that android devices work perfectly fine on this WiFi but all Apple products do not. They lose connection and operate very slowly once they do connect.

Kimmik by Connector
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Poor customer service and loyalty department

Why I am paying $120 for internet and TV while so many while one in particular person was paying $168 for ( more than 7 theme pack Tv , internet and landline . He called Telus loyalty and got home security ( full package of security) for reduced $95 ...

Rishta by Just Moved In
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