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Why does MyTelus login give me 404 errors?

I attempt to log on to my account and get a 404 page not found error. I have attempted to log on using different browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) and get the same error. I tried to log in from my work computer and get the same error. This has...

That_Guy by Neighbour
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Telus webpage will not load

Logged into My Telus, the "Home Phone" webpage will not finish loading: in both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Bruce6 by Friendly Neighbour
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Sketchy door to door service check

Tonight around 7:20pm, two men wearing Telus jackets and carrying a tablet came to my door in Calgary, AB, claiming to be Telus agents checking in on existing customers. They started to ask about my services, seemingly confirming which ones I had but...

JessicaP by Just Moved In
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Proper Contact

I'd really like to know what the heck is going on at Telus. Honestly. In November I got a notification saying my email had been changed to an email I've never seen before and a name my husband and I don't know. IT TOOK 2 MONTHS for this to finally ge...

M-TIME by Just Moved In
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Account Failed to Close

I had requested my account to be closed months ago, changing providers. Now I am getting bills and "threats" of disconnection even though my accounts should already be closed and disconnected. Every time I call, I get tossed onto a forever hold or to...

No reward links in account

I received an email offer to redeem for a reward can not find where to redeem in my account takes me to diffeerent pages but no links really frustrating when it is a limited time offer

Lme by Just Moved In
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Telus rewards

This is getting ridiculous, what kind of technical staff do you guys have, if you can’t even fix the rewards page for over two weeks????? It’s not working for me, and I have called ten family members they can’t access the rewards page either

Doklok by Just Moved In
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