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My rewards not working

Whenever I try to redeem a reward an error pop up cones up that says current unavailable to process this. I've tried the app, website, incognito modd, etc. What is the issue?

Cdudzicz by Just Moved In
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I got talked into services by a door to door salesman. Had regret within days. Canceled my services. But recieved a bill. I thought there is a 10 day grace period?

Jatwill by Just Moved In
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Billing Errors

I have been on the phone for hours trying to have my bill corrected for the past few months. I was told last week to expect a call back today which was not received. This is beyond frustrating. I keep getting told that the bill is overdue and needs t...

MSla by Just Moved In
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Apple TV 4K Gen 3 through Telus rewards?

I was browsing through the available Telus rewards and noticed that an Apple TV 4K is available for reception. However, looking through the description, it says its 32GB and has the A10X chip, indicating than its the first generation Apple TV 4K as t...

RyDawg by Advisor
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Received wrong agreement TWICE! I feel misled!

I talked to an agent twice in the past two weeks as I wanted to make some billing changes.The first time the agreement that telus sent me after the call was $5 more then offered by telus and agreed by me.So I sent an email to complain that it has to ...

Erick by Just Moved In
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Technician Damages

So, I had an install done in Nov 2022. There was damage done to the interior wall during install. I reported this in Dec 2022. I followed the process. Nothing came of it. I reported it 2 more times. Still no resolution. I reported it again and was to...

Optik TV, PVR and On Demand issues

I'm not sure I have the time or patience to describe here all the problems I have had with this service. I can't wait until September 2024 when I can cancel Telus without penalty. I am on the phone with Telus near every week and have wasted hours of ...

CarmenH by Neighbour
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TELUS Rewards Points issue

I was offered to add a debit card to my account to receive 5 Telus Rewards points, and haven't gotten it yet, I've added the card to my account already and turned on pre-authorized payments. But I still haven't received the points yet.

Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 7.15.33 PM.png Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 7.28.21 PM.png
moms by Just Moved In
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