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Changes to Pre-Authorized Payments by Credit Card

Just to clarify, as the billing date is being moved back 14 days and we will see two billings on our statement, the amount for the second billing will be 1/2 of normal because we have already paid for that half month correct? I am going to assume tha...

sonoyuu by Just Moved In
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When will Mozilla Firefox be a usable browser again?

Change settings bug needs a fix

Hello,I changed the time settings of a series and the system changed the save settings without me doing it, I had three recorded episodes and I watched as the number recorded change from 3 to 2 to 1. Please fix this.

schessor by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Voice mail indicator

I delete all messages in my mailbox and i still get a new voicemail indication on my screen, how do i get rid of this, its very annoying. Its always there..I hate it.

Cyrus by Organizer
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When will Mozilla foxfire be working as a browser again?

Resolved! Viewing e account online

I am trying to view my account online. I looked at others having the same problem on Telus. I checked my Firefox Mozilla browser. It is set to allow cookies & javascript. When I try to view it says it is unsupported. Is there another problem?

pharm by Just Moved In
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RE; TV for new customers..please read the question below.

Did you mean : I have seen and heard via TV and on the site, if you sign up for Telus for a 3 year package can get a certain size tv. I've been with Telus way more that 3 years, why can't' the loyal customers as myself also get the same thing.Your se...

phone warranty

Is my phone warrantied for water damage for 90 days after purchase

hjbarnes1 by Just Moved In
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