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Moving home service from fibre optik back to a copper neighbourhood

I have just moved and no longer have fibre optik access.  I spoke to Telus today for 48 minutes.  61% of my PVR has recordings but I can't access them.  All my series recordings have been wiped out.  It took them 48 minutes, 3 phone call and 1 technicians visit to tell me this.  Moving my service was a frustrating business.  Initially they would not tell me if I could even have TV with them.  They had to call me back 24 hours after I tried to move it online. No one thought to let me know that my recordings would be useless. I am a little upset about this. I feel I have paid for the right to have these recordings as I paid for the service and I paid for the PVR and now Telus has just wiped them out and to add insult to injury they leave them on my PVR so I have to manually delete them.  My time is not very valuable to them if they think it is okay for me to just go and set up my series recordings again.  This is very time consuming.  I would have appreciated being warned about this glitch in their system. It would be even better if they make this seamless.  I have no control over where they put fibre but I guess it is the consumer that is impacted.