Fibre in The Hamptons

I just received an email from Telus saying their service is better than Shaw/Freedom. Maybe in some areas it is. But in my neighbourhood we only get the very worst internet option Telus offers. We were told by Telus 6 years ago when we moved here that we would have fibre “within 1 year”. Still nothing. Our internet is so bad we often can’t watch TV or be on our laptop. Every time I call about it the person I talk to is shocked we only have Internet 25 as the biggest possible option. Good for up to 3 devices. We have five teenaged kids. It’s so bad. Our next-door neighbour has Shaw and it’s fast and works perfectly. So that email is definitely not true here.
Oops, I checked and there is one lower plan, the Internet 15 for those who only have 1 device in their house.

I've been waiting for fiber a long time as well. I just noticed this appeared in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. It's still about 500 metres away so it's not guaranteed it will get to my house but at least I know it's coming, eventually.


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Some people still have 6 Mbps service.

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