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Service agreements

I’d like to start by saying I have been a paying Telus customer for over 10 years.On December 28 2023 I agreed to a certain monthly package and price of 68$ which was offered to me by Telus employee. I noticed recently, that not only just a month lat...

J-P by Organizer
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Resolved! Apple Watch apple account

Really hope someone is able to help me i really don't think this a TELUS question but more of a Apple question just wanted to try i had apple watch series 8 i was no longer using so i wanted to give to a friend now i haven't used it in a few months b...

Raena by Neighbour
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Contacting customer service

For the love of God can you please hire some more customer service representatives? We shouldn't have to wait over 40 minutes to get someone on the phone.

Egranado by Organizer
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Collections sent after me and wont leave me alone m

Telus suspended my home services due to an unpaid bill (my fault but I was sick) and then when I went to get everything up and running again it was a nightmare. But the worst was that 2 weeks after I paid off my bill. I was sent to collections. Now f...

HarleyBug by Helpful Neighbour
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Unlinking a service from MyTelus

I forgot that I used my email address for my mom's pay and talk service. I just signed up for Telus Home Security and used my email which is linked to my mother's account. How can I unlink a service from an account?

Timmer by Neighbour
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Not getting internet bill notification

I only have one account with Telus for home internet and the email notifications work just fine to send the receipt after I've paid, however the Bill Notification that is promised with paperless billing is not working. I've called multiple times and ...

AliD by Neighbour
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The MyTelus Profile name has changed

I have been using Telus for several years. I managed both my account and my mothers "linked"account. After my moms death, someone at Telus changed my profile name from Scott to Marilynn. I've been trying to sort this out with the Telus agents however...

Telus Mastercard gift card

I redeemed points off my account to get a $100 Mastercard Telus gift card. Can I use this card in stores or just for telus products which would be useless.. thank you Jellybean1

Resolved! Billing

Trying to set up pre-auth billing and it sends me on an infinite loop of logging in. So stupid.

ABC by Neighbour
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Why does MyTelus login give me 404 errors?

I attempt to log on to my account and get a 404 page not found error. I have attempted to log on using different browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) and get the same error. I tried to log in from my work computer and get the same error. This has...

That_Guy by Neighbour
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