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Account Failed to Close

I had requested my account to be closed months ago, changing providers. Now I am getting bills and "threats" of disconnection even though my accounts should already be closed and disconnected. Every time I call, I get tossed onto a forever hold or to...

No reward links in account

I received an email offer to redeem for a reward can not find where to redeem in my account takes me to diffeerent pages but no links really frustrating when it is a limited time offer

Lme by Just Moved In
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Telus rewards

This is getting ridiculous, what kind of technical staff do you guys have, if you can’t even fix the rewards page for over two weeks????? It’s not working for me, and I have called ten family members they can’t access the rewards page either

Doklok by Just Moved In
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Where has the Rewards page gone? MIA for weeks and yet no announcement, etc. Thank you.

4930 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Can't download 2023 Bills

Anyone else? I click on a 2023 bill, and my browser shows the file coming in, but nothing downloads. January 2024 bill downloads just fine, same browser, same session. I need my November & December 2023 bills.

ginnix by Neighbour
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Paid bill but still showing payment due

I’ve talked to telus on the phone 5 times and no one is resolving my issue. We have been valued customers for 50 years and never missed a payment.We have Telus set up with autopay and has been working for years. The last month our bank records show t...

GP1384 by Just Moved In
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Are Telus Rewards down?

My Telus account shows my rewards balance but no links actually take me to the catalogue.I've tried logging in on Chrome, via the app, and links from emails. Nothing is working. Is the Rewards Catalogue down?

UserJenn by Just Moved In
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Why are the REWARDS not showing up. for the past week or so I haven't been able to access to claim some rewards.

DART by Just Moved In
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Telus rewards page now showing any rewards

When I click the "View rewards" page, it takes me to a new page, but it shows me none of the available rewards. All I see is a wall of text that talks about how telus acknowledges territories and treaty areas.