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1 (888) 811-2323

Is +1 (888) 811-2323 a valid number from Telus? Is anyone else out there getting plagued with these calls? As far as I know my account is in good standing and not sure why they would reach out with offers/discounts when I have access by other means. ...

Kenmont by Just Moved In
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Termination Liability Charges

I want to express my opinion about Telus charging us over $800 for termination of our home business phone and internet, after being a good and loyal customer for 40 years or so. The only charge on this bill is for Termination Liability, 2 charges equ...

NO Email

Hi Team, I do not receive any email whenever I apply for a job on tellus portal. Is this a scam? Regards, Prince Srivastava

Telus and agenda 2030

When is Telus going to start spending money on infrastructure. For far to any years they have avoided their obligation of upgrading the decades old lines they have to upgrade. Maybe instead of going off on some adventures that they have no business i...

Stang666 by Just Moved In
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Unauthorized account change

On the 28th of December I had my partner call TELUS regarding our Home Services (Internet). We are relocating from our Apartment to our House, lease ending January 1st and our move in date was starting February 1st at the new place. We had signed up ...

Boxing Day promo

Our home agreement for internet and tv expired last June and now we pay $80 plus tax more for the same services without a contract. Boxing day has a sale for a 2 year term at $162 per month plus you get a free gift about $400 value. I pay $218 right ...

klahti by Just Moved In
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my Telus login

My Telus login is not working. Tried logging in on the iPhone app and Telus website, no luck. It's asking me to register. Did not have any issue the past. Please help. Thanks.

rman0194 by Just Moved In
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Neighbourhood sign in problem

5-6 weeks ago used sign in by neigh account -------------------now have to use sso account ( thats telus health ) didn't join it but appeared all by itself on neigh site. I want sso to be gone but can't find a way.

polecat by All-Star
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Resolved! i'm trying to redeems points but it won't let me

I tried to redeem points, it gives me my home number to select which i do, then I select CALL ME to get the code and nothing happens.I go back in to try another number and it says Im temporarily unable to redeem anything.So frustrating

evecroft by Just Moved In
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