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Sign up Bonus

The sign up bonus should be offered to longstanding customers who was never given the opportunity to receive a new TV, computer etc... when signing up.

hp by Neighbour
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Resolved! PDF of e-bill

I am unable to view my electronic bill through the Telus system. It says I on't have the correct application. Is it not available in PDF?


I would like to know how much I can download every month

idegrow by Neighbour
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Land line

Land line suppose to be working today. What time can I expect that to happen?

Dwells by Neighbour
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Resolved! Super Channel English... Please???!!!

I have had Telus TV since 2006. I switched from Star Choice (now Shaw) to Telus because I am a Telus employee and want to support my company. Back then I could understand that having Super Channel in French may be normal because it was new in Quebec....

Robyn75 by Neighbour
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Resolved! paper bill

I see I have to pay $ 2. for paper bill... Can't you send the bill by email?? Thanks

e mail

I am accessing my e mail away from home. Each time I open my e mail all previous e mail in the inbox has disappeared. Why? And, how do I recover them?

cc by Neighbour
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Where to get a new Remote.....

Can't seem to find an answer from anyone, I am having trouble with our remote for our Satalite/PVR. Any time you press the "Guide" Button the screen goes black and the picture shrinks and goes into the right hand corner, then sometimes the TV goes of...