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moving to a non-Telus building this Sunday

Hi - my acct # is ********* I am moving this weekend to a non-Telus serviced apartment building. How do i return the OptikTV devices and cancel my account for internet and TV service? Thanks for your help, Pierre Arpin***Message edited to remove pers...

Pytarpin by Just Moved In
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Bill cycle

Why is it I am being billed for the next month on my current bill? the optick tv is not being pre billed just internet. I got a bill saying i owe for june - july usage then july - august usage is added on. My mobility doesn't pre bill me. Niether doe...

Natefrogg by Just Moved In
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Jbs by Just Moved In
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Made a payment to reactivate my home services and contactacted telus. Been 30hrs and I'm still waiting for them to reactivate my services.Have done this before and only tolk them 30minwhy dose it take so long this time? Been trying to call telus back...

FatHog by Neighbour
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West lock fiber

what's the scoop with apartments and condos in Westlock getting connected to tells fiber

steve3327 by Just Moved In
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Think iv been disconnected. But I can't get gold of anyone to pay it and I don't have the 4 digit no needed to pay online/fone.Please advice

Paulsduff by Just Moved In
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telus billing service

I have been happy with telus customer service for years, what is going on now? I called twice today for billing assistance and was on hold for more than 30 min in the morning - had to hang up and go do other things. Now this evening I was on hold for...

Rik by Just Moved In
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