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Outgoing mail server-Mac Mail

I've been having issues with my outgoing mail server. No trouble with incoming mail in Mac mail. This has happened before and tech support was awesome in solving the problem. Today, after being on hold/phone for more than 38 minutes, I was referred t...

sammi by Neighbour
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Pro-Rating of a Cancelled Account

Just curious if this is correct. I just received news that I am starting a new job out of province at the end of this month so I called to cancel my account. My billing period starts on the 14th and I called in on the 16th to cancel on the 30th. I wa...

scott_t by Neighbour
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Thank you!

We tend to come close to our data limit each month. Thank you for increasing our data from 250 to 300 at no extra charge!

DawnRM by Neighbour
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About internet usage

My internet plan starts on March 22. However, when I view my internet usage online today, it only shows my usage starting from April 1, but not from March 22. May I know why? And how can I find a way to know my usage from March 22. Thanks

telus home phone

I live in a condo which is approx. 5 years old. When someone presses intercom to be let in they can here me but I can hardly here them. Nobody else in building seems to be having any problems.This has been a problem since we moved in and connected to...

TV and WIFI connection

I have not had a good connection with my TV or WIFI. It Keeps cutting out and I lost connection during the hockey game over 30 minute ago. I not very happy with the service.

LeeAnne by Neighbour
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Paying your bill online has become a nightmare

From March 2016 start, payment portal has been changed. Despite repeated attempts the payment portal stops at step 2. When I tried to make payment of your bill from my online bank account, it refused to accept telus communications as valid address.Pl...

viqar by Neighbour
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