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Resolved! Current plans for Optik tv fibre laying

I live in an apartment in Victoria, at the foot of Quadra Street, within 2 blocks of hotels and condos and 3 blocks from the parliament buildings. 4 years ago I began investing in flat screens and a major 7.1 sound system, all after the Telus announc...

george by Friendly Neighbour
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Where to get a new Remote.....

Can't seem to find an answer from anyone, I am having trouble with our remote for our Satalite/PVR. Any time you press the "Guide" Button the screen goes black and the picture shrinks and goes into the right hand corner, then sometimes the TV goes of...

Browser can't find server at ebill.telus

The page at saya "Browser unsupported" when 'view e.bill' is selected from the account summary displayed by the same firefox browser. Ignoring the 'browser unsupported' which is rather silly - the browser being Mozilla Firefox...

george by Friendly Neighbour
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Slow download speed

I'm only 1.8 kms from the central office and only get 0.35 mbs download speed per telus's own speed test. What's up with that? Thanks

ludite01 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I want to go peperles

I am not sure, Please have patients with me. I am 84 years old. next week. I thought I did go on your net and tried to register. My account number is ----. I just wonder if it is now registered in your Telus system. I tried to phone but was disconnec...

rkoenen by Just Moved In
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Can I do the telus internet install by myself?

I just took a day off to go to my vacation home in Invermere so my telus tech could install my internet (from Calgary). He/She did not show. Says they tried to contact me, but I have no missed call or voicemail... I also verified the number on file.I...

Rocky by Just Moved In
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Telus not accepting their own errorr

Just returned from 4 months away. Telus cancelled service for TV stating I had not done the temporary suspension request, thus had not paid enough $$$. I had arranged in Dec/13 to do the suspension but apparently it is not recorded. Now they are char...

DMH by Just Moved In
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Connection to mail server refused

Hello,I have linked my telus webmail with Thunderbird on 24.5.0 on Ubuntu. I am receiving email but when I try to send anything, I get a notice saying "could not connect to mail server; the connection was refused. I have set my Inco...

hjlb by Just Moved In
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Telus services

I've have a username and password for Telus services but can't remember the website.

LG Smart TV

my initial post.lg smart tv message "premium service is affected by your internet connection. contact your internet service provider for internet connection problems" when i select netflix for example, message "network is disconnected. please check t...

cook by Just Moved In
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