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How to Stop Telus Billing Despite Services Confirmed Cancelled


All my Telus services were cancelled effective Feb. 13, 2024. Yet, Telus sent me a bill for the period from Feb. 13, 2024 to Mar. 12, 2024 for $254.50 despite the fact that Telus is not providing any more services to me. After many tries and failed callbacks from Telus, I finally managed to get in touch with a Customer Service person 2 days ago Feb. 26, 2024.  He confirmed that my services were all correctly cancelled as of Feb. 13, 2024, and that there shouldn't be anything owing from then on. So after putting me on hold for at least 15-20 mins, he returned on the phone to say the erroneous charges will be reversed within 24 hours and I should see $0 owing on my Telus account.  Two days later, I checked and yet my Telus account is still showing that I owe them $254.50.


Does anyone have similar experiences?  Do I just ignore and wait for Telus to correct this in the next billing cycle? Will there be another bill that reflects the fact that I don't owe them anything? I just don't want them to deduct any money from me, although I promptly deactivated all authorized payments on my account.


Community Manager
Community Manager

It does appear according to your dates that you're exactly right with 'Will there be another bill...'  Billing is generated super early on the date of your billing cycle (the 13th) so when the services were disconnected later in the day, the system had already generated the bill for the month ahead. The next bill you receive will reflect as such.

HI I have a kind of similar problem I never had a Telus cell phone but I am still getting a large bill every month for the last 2 months or so. I always had Chatr mobil and recently switched to Rogers. I tried calling Telus Customer service was transferred to 4 people no one understood the seriousness of the guy even asked me for my visa information which I did not provide. Tried reaching out again but its so difficult to talk to someone. Please help me, Not sure what information you need from me. If you can give me a email I can at least explain the situation, thanks for your time.

The only way I found was to keep calling and then insisting that Customer Service send me an email confirmation on the cancellation while putting me on hold. They sent me the email and with that, I don't have to worry. Subsequently, the bills got reversed and Telus now owe me -$2 instead. So call them, speak to a Live agent, tell them they must email you a Cancellation confirmation right away, and then once you've got that document, you should be safe.