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How to get the Free TV?

I have already hooked up the PikTV and Internet plan for two years but have not heard how or when the free 55" HD TV arrives?

Total frustration

On December 1 2020 I contacted Telus regarding a $35 charge that appeared on my Home Services account. After waiting on hold for 1/2 hour I was passed along to several different people and one or two went in to fiddle with my account ( reverse charge...

Resolved! Why doesn't Audio work on my VIP5662W PVR?

I have tried rebooting PVR several times with no luck, including leaving the power off for several minutes. I don't have any other PVRs to test, but my fire stick and Chromecast work fine in all of the HDMI ports, so it's definitely an issue with the...

edmiidz by Organizer
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Resolved! Telus email on Google

How do you export telus email from Google? Since it's not a gmail account, it doesn't work the same way.

tekki by Neighbour
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Resolved! Where can I see my internet usage?

Looks like Telus has updated recently... Want to be able to see if I'm close to my limit or if I've gone over.Thanks for any insight.

ilosar by Friendly Neighbour
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English in Quebec

I live in the province of Quebec and I cannot receive notification and emails in English. Does that make any sense? Other provinces get to choose between French and English, and I am forced to receive everything in French.

Boyd by Neighbour
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Interest rate on canelled account

Does anyone know why TELUS charges 40% interest on cancelled accounts?Also, I always paid my bill online and the payments I've made are not showing on my final bill?

Telus Business Practices during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So I recently decided to end my Optik TV and Home Phone service while retaining the Internet.The reason I did this was because of the recent increases in price of Telus Internet.I was a loyal Telus Customer for over 7 years, never missed paying my bi...

Kimi by Organizer
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