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If anyone can help I need the contact info for a member of management for an ongoing issue. Both email and physical mailing address would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

1.5 GIG speeds not maxing out

HI All I just moved into a new build and am setup on the 1.5 gig planI have the telus Network Access Hub pre installed per the app (technicolor NH20T)II have run the 10GB port to a ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE 16000 2.5 WAN port using a CAT 8 cable and re...


I haven't been able to connect to my work VPN for a week now. I have to go to the library to work since Telus internet does not allow me to connect to the VPN. I have tried using my cell phone's mobile data and it works, so it is a problem with the T...

PureFibre annual electricity consumption/cost?

Dew to copper wire failure I'm forced to migrate to PureFibre for home phone to work again! Technician stated there’s no cost to transfer to the PureFibre but the system does draw electrical power from the residence... with only home phone connected ...

Mr_Bill by Just Moved In
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Have been without internet and Telus TV for 4 days. No one has come to see us, nobody is helping us get connected. Can we cancel our Telus contract to move on to a new provider without penalty? Every time we talk to them, they say there’s somebody on...

Berge by Just Moved In
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Telus phone support telling lies?

I am moving to a new rental unit and my landlord said he spoke to Telus and they said I could transfer his Gigabit internet to my name and get a discounted rate. When I called Telus they told me I need the PIN to his account, OR he would need to be o...

Taliesyn by Helpful Neighbour
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Telus door to door scam

I've been a Telus customer for 20 years. Happily paying for the highest service to get fast internet. Telus agents came door to door and told me they could give me they could offer a big discount on service due to a strata deal. My price would go fro...

cawsp by Just Moved In
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