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How accurate is data usage in the app??

I signed my grandparents up for the internet for good wifi. It’s supposed to be 300gb a month. We just had the installation one week ago but for some reason my app is showing that I’ve exceed my monthly data limit. It shows 1.25 gb/ -1gb. I’m so conf...

Lammindy by Friendly Neighbour
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Fiber 300

Your modems don't have their own wifi? You also conveniently have a service where I can pay an additional $10/month for more boosters.... This is straight extortion, I now have the booster sitting next to the modem which is RIDICULOUS (see picture). ...

dfee by Just Moved In
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Telus never cancelled

Hello TELUS Forums,I am here posting about an issue I've recently came across. After checking my statements for the past few months I've realized that Shaw was still charging me for a service I was not using. Approximately 4 months now. After speakin...

Basement Suite Wifi

HI all,I am not super tech savvy, and I need help figuring out internet for my basement suite tenants. Looks like I have the Nokia ONT (is that right?) and the NH20A on the first floor, and the Wifi 6 boost upstairs in our main living area. The basem...

jcban by Just Moved In
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