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Device Not Delivered

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I have placed a corporate order 577169-1.They have processed the order and sent me the device and sim cardvia purolator one Jan 4 and the purolator have marked it as delivered on Jan 5th which i havent received.I contacted mobility support inorder to cancel the order on Jan 5th and they also said they have cancelled. On Jan6th i received an email saying that the order has been delivered so it cannot be cancelled which was a shocking news. On Jan 8th again i received a mail from mobility support and they said my order has already been delivered and they cant cancel it which shocked me a lot.They didnt do that and the issue is not resolved yet. Today i got a call from CIBC mobility and they again said that its delivered. I said did you check whether the IMEI bumber of the device has hit the server and if its not why should i get 1200$ device and keep it idle.The device is Samsung Note 20 Ultra and i explained the same to Telus and Mobility support also. But they dont care what customers say. They go with Courier what they say. I asked them if i have received the device i should have activated it and asked them to check the IMEI.The Tracking number was given to me by Telus on Jan7th which was two days after Purolator marked the Item as delivered.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The Neighbourhood is inhabited by Telus customers, who have no way to address your inquiry. The best way to reach them is likely by Twitter @TELUSSupport.


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