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How do I get started using TELUS Link?

Hello to all of our friendly neighbours. I'm Sarah and I'm one of the many Neighbourhood specialists here to help answer your questions and provide information on common device and service related topics. I've seen a lot of questions pop up on the Ne...


How do I edit my profile on the GiveWhereWeLive Telus page? I noticed I have a typo and cannot login or edit! Please help

KatyK9 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wow.....just wow.

Hi, you may be familiar with my case from the post below (entitled "bad customer service") So let me summarize the situation: Back in early june, I signed up for a business account online. I spoke with an a rep named Vic on the Telus chat feature and...

robbie25 by Organizer
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Why my phone jack is not good?

I have 2 phone jacks in my room. One is close to my bed while the other one is close to my desk. When the Telus technician came to do the installation, he said the one close to my desk is not good, so he connected the modem to the one close to my bed...

Alee by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bad customer service

I'm a new business custoemr, and i'm trying to find out when my phone will be here, but nobody seems to know anything. The people I talked to on the phone literally did not understand the problem I was having and seemed confused. It's not hard. I con...

robbie25 by Organizer
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painful Story of a Single Line Small Business Customer

Here we are again.... unable to check my bill. Is it because I recently changed to Business Anywhere? ha - that would be the excuse - is it because my browser doesn't work? tried Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox so far - nope - is it because I don't know ...

georae by Neighbour
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Resolved! Business phone number and fax phone number over a single pair

Hi at our place of business we have a single pair phone line feeding our fax machine and our fax machine has an external connection to a cordless phone with a built in answering machine. Telus has provided us with two phone numbers that are attached ...

Resolved! brute force attempts?

I am experiencing approx 20 Firewall info logs per day of ips being blocked by my firewall. A Whois search shows that the are ips originating in China and are coming through the Kamloops server. I guess the questions are "does Telus monitor for brute...

suma by Just Moved In
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