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Bring It Back Charge

This is infuriating.After two conversations, one with an agent and one with a manager, I was told by management that the reason I'm being charged $610 for a bring it back phone is because I returned the phone to the wrong department. To the trade-in ...

jvan27 by Just Moved In
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Switching SIM Cards

Switching from another carrier. Received three Telus SIM cards in the mail. Called Telus and they said they were activated and ready to go. We pit them in the phones and the phones stopped working. Not registered on network. Any advice? Is there a st...

Michaelor by Just Moved In
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Graffiti Removal - Telus Box

The TELUS box at Clarke Rd + West Saanich, in Brentwood Bay, has graffiti. It has been a frequent victim of graffiti over the years, would Telus be able to use a graphic wrap to deter ongoing tagging and resolve continuous need for graffiti removal?

BylawCS by Just Moved In
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Telus Contact Information For Graffiti Removal

Hello,How does Telus want to be notified by a municipality if one of their utility boxes is in violation of municipal graffiti regulations? The general procedure for municipalities is to send a letter to the property owner. Should the letter be sent ...

rletts by Just Moved In
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Horrible experience with Business Connect sign up

I have to vent about the god awful experience I have had signing up for Telus Business Connect service. I wish I had not done it and to be honest, I am still not sure if I have actually signed up. I have a Telus copper line that I wanted to take to m...

Resolved! Office Internet cancellation

I need to cancel my office Internet by the end of the month and so far it's gone like this:- Business representative tells me to call *611- *611 is a robot that gives me instructions on cancelling mobility add-ons- Check the Telus store- Telus store ...

ASoucy26 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! account

Hello,I am a Telus mobility customer with 4 lines.I am on day 5 of trying to connect with Telus small business to renew my lines.Help !!Please have a senior manager contact me.Thanks Jeffrey Pike

Resolved! Telus switch box

I have a Telus switch box in my front yard that is an eye sore as it's rusty. Can Telus either paint it or wrap it in something prettier? Who do I contact to get this done?

Wendy3 by Neighbour
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