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Suggestions for improvement

Switched recently but passed 30days so I am commited at this point. Will be saving considerable money compared to Shaw. My concerns echo a lot of the folks here, but am starting to get used to it.Noticed that we can now go back in the guide a watch a...

Dioptase by Just Moved In
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Optik TelusTV+ TV Guide - New or Repeat?

Why doesn't the guide show if a program is new or repeat on the listings? Even selecting (clicking the ok button) on the show in the guide and then selecting the + it only shows original air date... Sports often show multiple recordings of the same e...

MrSL by Friendly Neighbour
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New Optik TV Box PVR Issues

The big problem I've run into already on the 1st day of use is the new PVR system is a massive downgrade from the old box.Basically what I've noticed is that the new PVR UI puts every show/series/program under 1 header.. and because of that and bad U...

Kitsune by Just Moved In
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Changing end time for recordings.

Just joined Telus, I have Optik TelusTV+. I'm trying to change the end time for recordings. Doesn't matter whether it is a single program recording or series, the are no options for doing this? If I select the single program (in recordings) and press...

MrSL by Friendly Neighbour
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No Audio through HDMI

The box stoped sending any audio signal through HDMI, tried different cables on different systems and even factory reset nothing worked only Bluetooth audio.

LuisA1 by Just Moved In
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Optik Tv and Google Nest Wifi Pro

Hi thereI've been on Telus fibre for a while and also Telus Optik TV. The telus supplied modem and router are generally OK but we get fairly poor wifi coverage. I installed 2 Telus wifi boosters and it's helped but still don't get decent coverage.in ...

Optik TV

I'm a new Telus customer and am hugely disappointed with Optik TV. It is clumsy, awkward, poorly set up. As a Shaw client, I looked forward to turning on the TV. Now with Optik TV, I dread turning it on and am missing favourite programs as a result. ...

HelenD by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Ir blaster on my smart phone not working on optic TV

I am trying to teach my IR blaster connected to my phone the telus remote. It learns the power and volume buttons but nothing else. Is there some trick to this or will the telus box only work with it's own remote? I have put my other ir devices on th...

Resolved! Suggestions

I would like to suggest that when messages are posted, rather than simply state days of the week (too imprecise) a date be shown. Also an explanation of the meaning of the icons would help. Michael Blayney

Optik TV keeps freezing and playing.

Anyone have any luck resolving a super choppy, freezing then playing then freezing( like every 1 second it will freeze then play) Optik TV Service?

SpeakJ by Just Moved In
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