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Backyard Camera doesn’t always record


We’ve had our security system for a little over a month and it hasn’t worked properly since day one!  Our backyard camera records maybe 65% of the time.  We have done the trouble shooting ourselves, called into Telus and did the troubleshooting with a rep and we have also had a Telus technician come to our house….none of these steps have permanently fixed the problem.  We don’t want the system, it’s of no use to us if it doesn’t work,  but of course we are in a 3 year contract….my assumption would be that the contract would include a WORKING security system.  We have made many phone calls to Telus but it just goes in circles… if you are lucky enough to even get to speak to a person!  Our case was apparently escalated to a manager, he’s next to impossible to contact, he left me a message yesterday stating the case had been closed!!!   What??  Why???

Telus doesn’t care, they just want to trap me into a contract, wether or not the equipment works


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you entered the admin panel from your computer, and selected the areas you want to trigger the camera, and the sensitivity? Before doing this on our system, every mosquito flying by was recorded. Your sensitivity may be set too low, or the trigger area doesn't cover a portion of the area you want too record.


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I am in complete agreement. We are in year three of our security contract and have been super unhappy with the service. We have cameras in the front yard and back yard and they record maybe 50% of the activity IF that. Our truck was stolen from our driveway and the camera recorded the first 10 seconds and then stopped before we could see faces. My Tesla's sentry system was recording and actually recorded the entire incident and got a clear picture of the guys face that the police were able to use. Another example- we had a friend come to our house and drop something off as a surprise and the camera recorded NOTHING of her walking all over our driveway and up to our front door. She even waved at the camera and NOTHING. My biggest concern is that the camera also completely stops recording anything as of the 24-25th of every month because it supposedly runs out of data and Telus can't do anything. I don't feel like our house is protected and Telus isn't keeping up their part of the contract but apparently we still have two years left and there is nothing they can do. Terrible security.